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On Thursday night you will be able to watch live Treason being committed.

No Sedition or Treason will have been committed by any of the people that will be accused of those crimes along with any imaginary conspiracy that they have cooked up to sell to the American public and embarrassingly the rest of the World. The Accusers are the Traitors.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheyney and the entire rest of the January 6th Committee have been actively engaged in both Sedition & Treason along with a laundry list of other crimes and human rights violations all in the name of one cause, The Stopping of Donald J Trump being able to run for President in 2024.

After a Special Prosecutor, 3 Impeachments, and 27 other investigations into every aspect of Trump’s life, businesses, and family, the Democrats were unable to find anything to prosecute him with. They have tried everything from fake Dossiers, illegal wiretaps, even the planting of false evidence on the servers of the White House nothing worked.

The minor Riot that took place on January 6th has given them one last shot. Now I’m not into any tales of plots by white militias or FBI setups. What I’m saying is it was a minor riot where only one person was killed. I was there, so you can say I’m jaded because I’m from Philly, or because we had just witnessed 10mths of BLM/ANTIFA burning cities, murdering people, but on any level it was a minor riot at best. The investigation into the events of that day will never happen. If and when it does it will be dismissed as nothing. Just as the Durham investigation has proven the crimes committed against Trump, those who committed them regretfully will never face justice. The same will be the result of any hanky panky that is proven about January 6th.

These “Hearings” have nothing to do with that riot or the security of the Capital. They are a designed, scripted, produced and professionally directed to achieve one result. To TRY and make Trump ineligible to run for President. That is the single goal of this Circus that Pelosi and Schiff are putting on for the world. That is a new level of Treason.

It’s a Treason against EVERYTHING that America is and was meant to be. The Democrats are using the full power of the Federal Government to destroy an innocent man, and anyone that supports him. They used a Pandemic to steal the last election, they believe they can do this Circus Hearing and prevent Trump from ever being able to run.

They will also use their Circus Hearing to tie a threat from the J6th Riot and ALL Trump Supporters to the security of the upcoming midterms, creating fear to try and suppress the vote, and call any Republican victory into question. Fear is their message and platform, the promotion of fear will underline everything.

Over the past 3 years the Democrats have been caught abusing both state and federal governments to steal the last election, they’ve been caught lying under oath, they’ve been caught falsifying evidence, the have also been proven guilty of malicious prosecution in multiple cases. Yet not one of the people who committed these crimes has been prosecuted or held accountable for their crimes. They have created a two Tier Justice System and even if this all blows up in their face and the Republicans don’t commit some sort of political suicide between now and the Midterms fixing the corrupt Department of Justice may just be a task to impossible to fix.

If that is the case then America truly is in complete collapse, and that collapse would be Just. If we are no longer a Nation of Equal Law then we no longer deserve to exist.

I don’t believe that is the case that it will happen, because where I have no faith in our Politicians and zero Trust in our Federal Justice System I have every faith in the American People. We will eventually end this nonsense and restore the Rule of Law…. Which is the one thing you will see none of on Thursday night.

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