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I see that French actress Fanny Ardant is being sued by the son of a former Italian policeman killed by the extremist Red Brigades group in the 1970s. The actress sparked a controversy when she told an Italian magazine she considered the jailed founder of the Red Brigades her "hero". She has since apologised for causing offence but the policeman’s son, Piero Mazzola, has said that is not enough. In Italy it is illegal to praise someone who has committed a crime. In Northern Ireland it is almost obligatory to praise terrorists who have committed crimes so all I can say is that Ms Ardent would be well received here, if not in Italy. 

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  1. Her first name alone would stun the NI population of all denominations into gobsmacked silence.

    For at least a minute.

  2. She’s a moral cretin, although I don’t support the idea of someone being sued just for what they have said.

  3. mahons,

    OT: could you please explain these Americanisms to European readers:

    "I sit down to go to the bathroom, and you said our feet bumped," Craig told an officer. "I believe they did … because I reached down and scooted over and the next thing I knew, under the bathroom divider comes a card that says ‘police.’"

    1, Why (or how?) should anyone sit down to go to the bathroom, instead of walking there?

    2. Do you think Craig will now lose his seat because of this? Or should he be allowed stand again?

    3: "He’s in a tough spot," Otter told CNN’s Dana Bash. "He’s going to have to work it out."

    Is there any confirmation that Craig had constipation?

    All from:

  4. Noel: Fact is stranger than fiction. As for our Yank ways allow me to respond:

    1. The right wing Republican in question was explaining he was about to sit down upon a toilet bowl inside a stall as he be damned if he solicited gay sex while standing at a urinal like that queer fella with the earings from WHAM.

    2. Craig might as well have said he blew Bill Clinton. His political career is finished and if he has any sense he’ll quit before the open an ethics hearing on him.

    3. Constipation would have been a better defense than the one he tried to offer. He was more worried about being found out to be gay than actully breaking the law.

  5. Noel

    Let me get in before Mahons (and No that isn’t a comment I made to the good senator).

    1. "Sit down to go to the bathroom" is a polite way of saying – " I plonked me arse down for a good crap"

    2. It wouldn’t be advisable for him to stand again. He’s already been arrested in the stalls. he doesn;t need to be arrested at the urinals .

    3. All he wanted to do was get rid of a heavy load. make of that what you will πŸ™‚ .

  6. Who would have thought a thread about Fanny would turn into a discussion on suppposed gay behaviour in toilets ?

  7. Colm: Let the record reflect I got it in first – not the criminal record, the ATW one.

  8. It would seem natural since so many rightwingers were turned off by Fanny that we could start discussing one of their own politicians.

  9. Mahons

    When it comes to smut, your always in there quicker than me .

    On a serious point though. I read that he was arrested purely because he was seen tapping his feet , which is a supposed ‘interest’ signal. Is that really sufficient to make such a charge ?

  10. Its de rigeur for French actresses to love the Left uncritically – Bardot was ostracised as a loon when she veered towards the Right

  11. I can’t believe that tapping feet alone was sufficient, but I surely am going to keep my own feet glued to the ground in such situations (avoiding the prospect of arrest or unwelcome adavances).

    I think he did a few more things that the cop noted as indicative of intent, and he pled guilty which of course buries him.

    He was so pathetic in his press conference that I feel sorry for him. Being gay in Idaho can’t be the easiest life.

  12. >>I read that he was arrested purely because he was seen tapping his feet , which is a supposed ‘interest’ signal. Is that really sufficient to make such a charge ?<<

    Imagine what the Prosecutor would think of the entire Riverdance cast?

  13. Colm: In the event Keira Knightly made the mistake of entering the men’s room due to poor eyesight and made an advance to me it would be a welcome one(and further proof of her poor eyesight). In that event I would put the penguin from Happy Feet to shame.

    However, such an episode would of course be frowned upon by a far greater power than the local police force, namely Mrs. Mahons. And she is not the type to stand by me at a press conference, so I would have to pass on the hypothetical pass from Keira.

    Accordingly I must view restrooms as something other than a disco.

  14. Mahons

    Kiera Knightly? That skinny thing. She could slip through one of those ‘glory holes’ and land on your dancing feet. What a happy little penguin that would make you. And I’m sure Mrs Mahons would forgive you. At least you wouldn’t be cheating on her with an old dog.

  15. Sara – true, i agree and would extend that theory outside of France. I wonder if the upcoming film Lions for Lambs will do for Afghanistan what Farenheit 9/11 did for Iraq.

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