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Here’s a Liberal elected politician who is so liberal that other liberals resign in alarm!

Yes, I’m talking about Liberal Democrat councillor Myrna Bushell who, in her evening job as a stripper and sex chatline hostess take the definition of liberal way beyond the comfort of some of her colleagues. The married 34-year-old is now at the centre of a bitter party split which has seen three of her fellow Liberal Democrat councillors resign from the party. The rebellion came when the three discovered Mrs Bushell was still running her ‘personal services’ when she was elected to the town council in Bideford, Devon, in May. They are also angry that she had not officially joined the party when she stood for election, and that party officials gave her their backing. Her advertising describes her as ‘Jessica – Kissogram, Stripagram and Stripper Entertainer’.  LOL!

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  1. I am with Ben on this one. She probably hears "Put in On" more than "Take it Off".

  2. It’s probably a rehearsal for a remake of one of those old ‘Carry On’ films. It seems life really does imitate fiction…but what else should we expect of a Party with a Leader nicknamed Minge, – oops! – I mean Ming! and a cast of Shadow Ministers with some very peculiar orientations.

  3. Good Lord, that woman is butt ugly!
    She probably gets hired out with a bag stipulation.

  4. Daphne: One to wear and one to offer the audience to puke into. Lord Have Mercy.

    Of cousre David neglected to mention that the trouble with conservatives is that they would hire her.

  5. Only poor men with bad taste would hire that woman Mahons. And you and I both know that crosses party lines.

    Loved the puke bag line! I saw you had been here, so I set my beverage down first!

  6. Daphne and Mahons: Ugly? I’ll admit, your comments made me look.

    But I disagree. I’ll admit, I never liked the game of piling on the ugly chick, but she’s not even ugly.

  7. Patty, she is too ugly! Put your glasses on good woman! She’s a liberal politician with an extracurricular side job of sex. If you’re going to be that handy, you ought to be at least pretty, or you’re going to get slammed.

    You live in CA, and you think she’s cute Patty?

  8. Not only do I live in CA. — I live in LA — where the genetic code was altered long ago by starlets coming to seek fame and fortune (and having babies instead) — giving rise to remarkably pretty people, and a whole slew of wannabes…

    Maybe I’m just tired of the whole thing.

    She doesn’t seem ugly to me. Maybe rough on the edges but not ugly.

  9. And Daphne — did you read her costume selection? It’s massive! She gets some credit for that, doesn’t she?

    Of course it’s cheap, tawdry, inappropriate for politics, not to be trusted etc. But –my goodness — look at this girl’s initiative! the "can do" spirit she shows! At least she’s not on the dole.

  10. Ahhh Patty, she’s a liberal tart! They bang us conservatives backwards and three days to Sunday for the same behaviour. I’m gonna go ahead b*tchslap the hypocrisy when I’m given a barn door this wide.

    Hey, if you can sell it, go for it, but she’s still pretty ugly by Texas standards. She wouldn’t get work in a topless club here. I’m sticking by the bag standard on this woman.

  11. Daphne: LOL at myself — cannot believe I’ve backed myself into a position defending a maybe-not-the-best-looking stripper — frankly, I’ve had a pretty bad day all around — traffic — dogs eating things they shouldn’t — hot weather — I think I’ll pack it in and start over tomorrow…

  12. Patty

    "Maybe rough on the edges"

    Maybe that’s in her ads? ;o)

    I tend to agree with you, she isn’t ugly and my first thought is, "oh dear I hope she doesn’t read this", but what are the chances?

    Trying to look at this objectively as in how does it affect her ability to do what she was elected to do, but it ain’t easy,

  13. Any of you gents care to post pix of your wives so we can judge if they are ugly or not? As long as this woman pays her taxes and her job isn’t illegal I couldn’t care less.

  14. SBK,

    Ever heard that old saying – "Couldn’t care was made to care!"

    Could be on a dark and stormy night, you may have need to find a friendly port! – and who knows, stranger things have happened….:-)

  15. "Any of you gents care to post pix of your wives so we can judge if they are ugly or not? As long as this woman pays her taxes and her job isn’t illegal I couldn’t care less."

    I am not old enough to get married so no. By the way I feel horrid for making fun of someone’s misfortune. Dam conscience always gets the better of me. :-/


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