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I remember at the time of his death stating that there was a view that he had died of Aids. I’m talking about anti-semite arch-terrorist and Nobel Peace Prize winner (snatch) Yasser Arafat. Naturally the MSM chose to ignore this story, and we recall the occassion of a BBC reporter actually weeping as the murdere Arafat met his end. So, now come the news from Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command, on Hizballah’s Al-Manar TV, that Arafat DID die from Aids. Once again, the MSM will look the other way, after all, one wouldn’t want to besmirch the memory of the great man?

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12 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT ARAFAT…

  1. If so it simply reflects on the negative misconceptions about aids in the un-advanced parts of the globe, and the beeb’s complicity in this – the presumed public presumption being that he was secretly cavorting with rent boys, I am not suggesting he would have been above this, but poor medical hygiene is looking increasingly like the bottle the Aids genie cam out of, something we may assume is a factor in the Palestine territory as much as in Africa.

  2. Jibril doesn’t seem much of an arafat fan does he? He refers to him as a plague and his death as an opportunity for Fatah to renew itself.

  3. Andy

    ‘Jibril doesn’t seem much of an arafat fan does he? He refers to him as a plague and his death as an opportunity for Fatah to renew itself’

    Yeah but Hamas renewed faster and with better weaponry.

  4. He was an awful human whose actions condemned his people to further misery. The cause of his death is not particularly important to me.

  5. Jeff – indeedy.
    Although you could say the culture of corruption and nepotism allowed by Arafat contributed to Fatah’s downfall, both democratically and militarily.
    My point was this is not neccessarily a trustworthy source….
    May still be true of course.

  6. Second that Mahons. Nothing will change how the Palestinians view him anyway, it would be dismissed as western propaganda. Why is this even a news topic anyway.

  7. Alison – I suspect that AIDS carries a certain social stigma (sadly) which means that it gets treated as something other than a disease.

  8. This guy sounds worse than the cattiest woman I know. Gossip.

    As to dying from AIDS, I am sure that this is a huge no-no for moslems. It is a disease that primarily affects homosexuals and homosexuality means death in islam. Actually – it only means death if the moslems don’t keep their diddlings concealed.

  9. He was such a god awful ugly little man, who, in their right mind, would have wanted to have sex with him. Overall though I am glad he’s dead and hopefully this is of deep embarrassment to the "you know whos"!

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