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This is what happens when people choose to vote for a pretend Conservative to lead their Party;

David Cameron yesterday promised that gay marriage will be legalised by 2015, as he compared Church opposition with Conservatives who once ‘locked out’ homosexuals from the party. The Prime Minister also paid tribute to Tony Blair for paving the way by introducing civil partnerships.

Scotland, under the rule of the SNP, has already declared that it will legalise gay marriage too.

Of course, none of the major Churches are happy about this but this is all about placating gay activism, not faith activism.

As I have frequently argued, the State can do what it wants re “gay marriage” but MARRIAGE as a religious institution must not be disfigured and Churches must NOT be forced to conduct service in their premises.  (We’ll leave Mosques aside for the time being, shall we, but it would be interesting to understand how many  Imams will conduct the marriage of Mohammed and Mohammad? The media tends not to focus on this side angle for some inexplicable reason..)

Now, when I put forward this argument, all good liberals say that they rather agree that Churches should NOT be bullied and legally threatened into conducting a gay marriage ceremony on their premises. The only problem with that…..is THIS.  What is happening in Denmark today will happen in the UK by 2015. There may be a legal opt out for some individual clerics but NOT for the Church. Gays are going to the chapel and they ARE going to force the church to marry them. It’s not about equality, it’s about the tyranny of the minority being institutionalised by the State. Cameron is the enemy of conservative values and his sickening capitulation (or is it embrace) of this issue tells you all you need to know about him

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  1. Cranmer has done a blinder on this one. He took Cameron’s speech entitled
    “Prime Minister’s Speech at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Reception”


    and replaced each instance of the word “Church” and “Christian” with “Mosque” and “Islamic”.


    I wonder if Cameron has given this any thought? After all, if he’s forcing the Church to accept gay marriage, shouldn’t he insist that Mosques do the same?

  2. By the way, I think it should be up to the church whether they perform these marriages or not. They have a belief that they live by, it is not Cameron’s place to play God.

  3. Denmark has passed a law requiring the state Lutheran church to hold church weddings for gay couples

    Don’t want the state to intefere with your church?

    Don’t have a state church.

    Pretty simple.

  4. David,

    Still perpetuating the falsehood, eh? Churches will not be forced to conduct gay marriages.

  5. So, disestablishmentarism. Lucky there is no radical agenda in play, right?


    In Denmark, they are. The falsehood lies with those who pretend otherwise. Evidently facts do not concern them.

  6. David,

    Fine. Let’s have the facts then. (N.B. homophobic venom from churchmen doesn’t count.)

    1. The facts are that in a country where “Gay Marriage” is legalised, the State then has wilfully chosen to require Churches to allow gay marriage ceremonies on their private premises. Does anyone seriously suggest that once case law is established on this the same will not happen here. It’s a no-brainer.

  7. David,

    “the State then has wilfully chosen to require Churches to allow gay marriage ceremonies on their private premises”

    No the Danish state, and the Danish state Church, have decided that the publicly funded Danish state church will allow gay marriage ceremonies on public premises.

    (With broad support from the Bishops, members and pastors of that church, as well as the public I might add, and with opt outs for those who don’t want to participate – tyranny of the minority, my ass)

  8. David,

    More facts to add to Frank’s donkey-shot:

    Introducing the legislation, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said same-sex couples could be married either at the Town Hall or in the Church of Denmark if the priest was willing.

    “It will be up to each priest whether he or she will perform gay marriages, but the government gives all members of the church the right to get married in church, whether they want to marry a person of the opposite or same sex,” Thorning said.

    Although some church leaders have opposed same-sex marriage, surveys have suggested as many as 70 per cent of Danish priests would be happy to officiate at a gay wedding. The Government later announced that churches other than the state church would not be required to carry out the ceremonies if they chose not to.

    Terry Sanderson [President of the NSS]: “Denmark has achieved with the minimum fuss a much better version of what Mr Cameron is trying to achieve. There were some objections from the reactionary elements in the church, but generally Denmarkis relaxed about it, and Denmark’s national church is not making the idiotic fuss that ours is.”

  9. “Don’t want the state to intefere with your church?

    Don’t have a state church.

    Pretty simple.”

    I agree Frank. Which is why I believe the CofE hierarchy will be the first to fall into line..

  10. But as SueMV points out, it’s the sheeer craven hypocrisy of all British politicians in continuing to ignore the other religious elephants in the room.
    Which is why I say that there are huge debates to be had on key policies, but our politicians are now so terrified of upsetting our multicultural “harmony” that they will continue to appease the minorities whilst ignoring the ethnic white British majority.
    Do I see signs of an English Civil War Mark II on the horizon??

  11. If you’re afeared Colm,
    you could always move here to Norfolk..
    But don’t bring that hookey laptop with you.

  12. “Norfolk ? Dullsville !”

    Safesville Colm.
    I’d take boring old Norfolk over London any day.
    You get some weird folk in London.
    It’s a little bit Whoah! a little bit Wheyyy!

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