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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who always avoids prison. Outrage is redundant; you can only laugh now at what the bankster class gets away with –

Banks fined £2.7bn after currency rigging investigation

Six banks have been fined more than £2.7bn by authorities on both sides of the Atlantic after failing to stop their employees rigging the currency markets at the expense of customers.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), HSBC, UBS, JPMorgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citibank were all fined hundreds of millions of pounds on Wednesday following lengthy investigations into the $5.3 trillion (£3.3 trillion)-a-day foreign exchange markets.

I know someone who spent three years inside for diddling a large plc of a few million quid. He wasn’t in the Club, you see, so down he goes. Deliberately hide a tenner from the taxman and your feet wouldn’t touch the floor. But if you’re part of the protected class, the big beast financiers who the rest of us are obliged to bail out, you can defraud clients of vast fortunes and not be charged with a crime, let alone stand in the dock or end up doing stir. Goodness knows what excess profits were made, but the fines of £2.7 billion suggest they were substantial.

Still, that’s an extra £2.7 billion into the government’s coffers, even though private clients were the victims.


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4 thoughts on “THE UNTOUCHABLES

  1. Since the 2008n melt-down and bail-out we have had, in no particular order:

    The payment protection insurance scam – millions ripped off have since been compensated, but no bonuses were clawed back, even though the “profits” were inflated by the scam.

    The Libor scam – manipulating interest rates to inflate profits and bonuses.

    The gold price scam – see Libor

    The interest-rate swaps scam – see Libor

    Sanctions busting and money-laundering on behalf of Mexican drug lords

    The foreign exchange rates scam (the latest) – see Libor

    And this list is not exhaustive. But the scams will continue until jail is used as a deterrent. The fines are meaningless and already regarded as a cost of doing business.

  2. And of course they are still at it:

    “Further proof of manipulation of gold and silver prices – if any were needed – came overnight as Switzerland’s financial regulator (FINMA) found “serious misconduct” and a “clear attempt to manipulate precious metals benchmarks” by UBS employees in precious metals trading, particularly with silver.”

    It is truly a culture of impunity.

  3. The amount of money collected by the police through ‘nuisance’ fines is increasing as the burden for failure ‘to comply’ falls on people’s activities outside the tax system. Parking fines, traffic fines etc are imposed on us and collected by the enforcers – the police, whose duties are now more fiscal than protective of the public.


    Police chiefs have admitted setting compulsory targets for handing out speeding tickets.
    Officers are being forced to meet quotas for minor speeding offences, seatbelt violations and invalid tax discs.
    Those who fail can expect a carpeting –and in the long run it could harm their career, one senior officer said.
    The move is expected to lead to a fourfold increase in the number of drivers caught and allow police to net millions in penalty fines.

    The money is being collected to pay ‘debt’ of money created by the central bank which is loaned to the private banks (which control the central bank) at almost zero interest and these private banks then lend the money back to the state at high interest rates – and we pay for that hence the fiscal activities of the police. The police are the national money enforcers: the military are the international money enforcers. That is why, as Pete correctly states, we would be ripped for not paying taxes or nuisance fines but those who are in the service of the Money Power are untouchable.

  4. Of course, we should bear in mind that these people are the ones who pay so much tax to keep our country going. That’s what DV reckons 🙂

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