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13 thoughts on “The Verve – The Jab’s Don’t Work (Friday Night Music)

  1. We’ll have this as the ATW Friday Night Jukebox. I may put something up over the weekend.

    The Verve were a good band and that was a really good song, albeit a painful one about an actual drug death. Richard Ashcroft, the vocalist, has done some great stuff over the years.

  2. I have heard that Fox has gone into full anti-vaxxer mode. Can any of our US cousins confirm this?

  3. Pete Take Saturday night ….
    Ged great fun choice and we welcome your input and welcome you to the party., I think between your posts and music choices you are a nice add to the site…. infront as well as behind.

    Friday Night music started out as a relief one week about 18 years or so ago to defuse some steam and pressure that was building among posters on the site it was a simple distraction.

    It has taken various styles over the past twenty years as a relief valve to now an expected break and chance for everyone on the site to give voice to an inner joy not associated with the politics of the world or the site.

    It has evolved into Pete on Friday night (by selection of us all at one point, I have a very varied sense of music… ) so I drop my choice some point on Saturday or Sunday.

    Since now we are 3 why don’t we each take a night.. Friday belongs to Pete, Ged you can have Saturday if that works for you, I’ll stick to Sunday. We can use that patter going foreword that way no ones selection gets lost.

    Since we are reworking everything else I think it will suit us here as well…. if all are in agreement.

    Those that chose (Peter) can follow what the tradition as it has been To drop their Selections in the Friday night slot in response to it or for their own reasoning… as it has been, while also being able to comment on each of the others without diverting one way or another on the other nights of course…

    It is after all the weekend…. a time to let down our hair…

  4. I do believe from what I’ve seen it depends on the host…. but the fact that it is the ONLY platform in the US that will let anti-vaxxers speak the fact that they can’t speak anywhere else could give that impression.

  5. So which hosts are anti-vaxxers? No doubt Hannity and Tucker, but anyone else of note?

  6. Actually I don’t know where Tucker sit’s personally he’s had both pro and con on and has not I believe said what he has done….

    Hanity takes the schmuck award from what I’ve see but I don’t watch him as a habit… I hate cheerleaders. but his position is “I got the Vaccine, but he doesn’t recommend everyone get it… and he bad mouths the cdc…..
    Look I won’t get it for two reasons, one I had the disease and two I have a compromised immune system and my doctor said not to… but I’ve made my position clear.
    If there is a vaccine for something that kills only one in a billion I’d take it… because I’d be that one in a billion that would catch whatever it is and die.

  7. Patrick

    As we say here, it’s being so cheerful that keeps you going.

    Carlson’s an equal schmuck if he hasn’t disclosed if he got the vaccine or not. He knows he can influence millions of viewers and he should say what he’s done ether way. The USA is seeing an uptick in infections in Red states compared to Blue states and it’s not hard to guess why. Trump and his gang of Fox cheer-leaders should come out unequivically in favour of getting vaccinated and they should hammer that message every day for a month. They need to make it a non-partisan issue, because it’s a partisan issue now. But I’m not holding my breath.

  8. Those that are going to get it have gotten it, it’s available everywhere. Those who haven’t gotten it don’t want to and won’t unless they are forced.
    I don’t believe anyone should be forced…. period.
    I recommend it, but I nor anyone else has the right to decide for someone else.

    1. They are being forced.

      No vaccine passport = no life.

      Covid passports ‘WILL be compulsory in pubs’: Ministers ‘plan to force bars, clubs and restaurants to demand proof of two jabs or negative test from autumn’ to help tackle fourth wave of the virus
      The government hopes Covid passports will encourage vaccine-shy young people to get jabbed.

  9. No-one should be forced to get vaccinated, only China does that.

    But anti-vaxxers on Fox should be called out by Trump. And of course he won’t do that, because he needs those guys for 2024. And he has dabbled with the anti-vax headbangers before. As always, he will do what he perceives to be in his own best interests. At the moment that means going along with Hannity on the vaccines: “Maybe they work, maybe they don’t, and they definitely have side effects. Hell, I’m not gonna be a guinea pig for that Commie Faucci!”

  10. Peter Trumps not President, he’s not a factor really in anything… is the ghost of Christmas yet to come… probably.
    What you don’t understand is it’s Biden’s job to deal with the anti-vaxxers, it’s Biden’s job to deal with ALL the American Public he is the President. What transpires on his watch is his responsibility. Not the President before him, and nothing he does belongs to whoever follows
    The Buck Stops at the Oval office.
    The avg number of anti-vaxers in the population is well under 3% wacko who won’t vaccinate their children for a dozen imaginary reasons. We Americans as a whole accept and welcome vaccinations.
    What is going on now is there are about 15% of the population that will never get the vaccination even if they thought they were going to die just as an F you because of the fact that they are trying to force it. The current regime instigated this behavior due to their over reach during it.
    The blame for that sits with the President that is in office.

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