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Excellent article here from Der Spiegel.  Bye Bye Greece — back to your Drachma.

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11 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM GERMANY…

  1. What’s a Greek earn?

    OH, about 10 Drachma an hour.

    OK, I just had to type that.

    What’s a henway?

    OH, about 2&1/2 pounds.

    The Greeks along with the Irish, Italians and Spanish relish in instant gratification and government handouts. They seemed to move at the pace of turtles with arthritis before the Euro was introduced. Slow, but unimpeded by the consequences of Socialism’s rot.

    When the Euro was introduced the worm turned. The instant gratification was speeded up by the influx of Euro to the “disadvantaged” countries from the more prosperous ones like France and Germany. But the fountain of freebees soon slowed to a trickle when the French and Germans saw that their “investments” in the poor countries wasn’t being spent wisely. It was being used as a welfare lever to insure the political parties in power stayed there. And reaped the rewards. The Euro =votes.

    Greece is the first domino to fall but it surely won’t be the last. The economies of many E.U. countries are teetering on the brink of disaster. Does any punter really believe the French and Germans are going to allow their economies to tank? NEIN!

    Yahoo, it’s goin to be assholes and elbows in many European Parliaments very soon when the incompetent, crooked politicos try to stem the tsunami of financial disaster.

    O Schadenfreude, o Schadenfreude
    You can please me very much!
    How often has not at Euro disaster time
    A feeling like you given me such joy!
    O Schadenfreude, o Schadenfreude,
    You can please me very much!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPpm07Pt9A0

    Here we see the scene in which France (aka Samwise) follows Germany (played by a somewhat girly Frodo), urging Germany to throw the ring of European unity back into the fires of destruction..0:30>

    Germany hesitates.1:01>
    Outside the peoples of Europe are engaged in frenzied battle with the forces of socialism and capitalism..2:11>

    Germany cannot give up the dream. His hair blowing in the wind -and with just the faintest hint of blusher and lipstick, he places the ring on his finger.
    France looks on in despair..

    Suddenly Gollum the Greek comes in 2:19, and after clubbing France to the floor, leaps onto the fair back of Germany.

    Desperate to retain his share in the ring of European Dreams, and eager to inflict pain on the cause of all his problems, Gollum the Greek bites off one of the fingers of the hand that had fed and sustained him.. 2:15>

    The ring is his! 3:14
    “My Preciouuss ..” he coos.

    But Germany is not finished! Not only is der finger schmarting somewhat, he realises that it is that damn Greek Gollum who has brought his dreams crashing down. The Greek must be dealt with.. 3:51
    und there is only One Solutzion……..4:21

    Amazing thing, history.

  3. I see trouble there. Big civil unrest, even a coup.

    The Greek people won’t put up with being ruled by Berlin like we do.

    They have thrasos!

    They’ll get out of the EU alright..at the point of a gun.

  4. The only thing worse than staying in the Euro is leaving it and vice versa

    Glad its not me that has to make the decisions

    Hi from Miami

  5. “The Greek people won’t put up with being ruled by Berlin like we do.”

    Actually, there are probably more Greeks in favour of staying in the Euro than Germans.

    Support for Euro and EU membership in Greece is still one of the highest in the whole Union.

  6. I am at the Miami Biltmore, a beautiful old hotel with a lovely pool

    Interesting fact – on the way out of the airport, I saw three afternoon flights to Havana listed.

  7. Crying out loud!
    Did NO ONE understand or appreciate my Lord of the Rings spoof??
    Or did you not wait until the advert finished?
    (I couldn’t get rid of that..)
    It took me over an hour and two broadband time outs to work that out!

    But the next one will be even better.
    And the one after that..
    And the one after that…. 🙂 🙂

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