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nikab.jpgDid you read that women are being given controversial "virginity repair" operations on the NHS? Taxpayers funded 24 hymen replacement operations between 2005 and 2006, official figures revealed.  And increasing numbers of women are paying up to £4,000 in private clinics for the procedure apparently under pressure from future spouses or in-laws who believe they should be virgins on their wedding night. Doctors said most patients are immigrants or British of ethnic origin. Apparently the same issue is arising in France. We’re talking Islam, folks.

The popularity of the operation is said to be the result of social regression caused by Islamic fundamentalism. It’s but the start. Either we change our culture, or Islam changes. I see no evidence of the latter but loads for the former. Why is the NHS facilitating this social regression? As Islamic fundamentalism spreads, there will be much more of this – with young women pressurised as never before to step back not just to when they may have lost their virginity, but all the way to the 7th century.

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  1. No way – the NHS doesn’t exist to fund warped cultural agendas. Let them all go private. I have outrage fatigue this week

  2. It brings to mind that old gag which may have been uttered by someone like George Burns or Groucho Marx "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin"

  3. >>I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin<< LOL!

    I suppose the main surgical centre is Maidenhead, Berks.

    By the way, do you know that actress/sex bomb Diana Dors, all five Spice Girls and Kate Winslet all come from Maidenhead. Talk about immaculate conceptions!

  4. I was told that the multitude of warts under my armpit could not be removed under the NHS because the procedure was deemed to be ‘cosmetic’. This was despite the fact they kept on bleeding when they were knocked and there is a statistical chance of them developing into a squamous celled carcinoma! If the NHS does not fund my procedure how in heavens name will it fund this Arabist nonsense? But then this is the dhimmified society we are living in; look after the alien and stuff the Englishman.

  5. Hushpuppy: Here in sunny LA – home of skin cancer – those warts would be removed immediately — they shouldn’t bleed. Try to get them removed.

    Maybe try another approach with NHS — tell NHS you think it’s skin cancer — start "medical" right away — so it never gets classified as "cosmetic" See if you can get treatment.

  6. The 24 people it pertains to would probably end up as charred corpses on a heap somewhere without it. Laugh a minute.

  7. Alternatively tell the doctors you belong to a religion that regards having these warts as immoral and shameful and you will be shunned by your community if these warts are not removed.

  8. Alison

    That is just pandering to this medieval and mysoginist mentality rather than challenging and fighting it.

  9. Hushpuppy

    I had a tiny little mole removed from on my face near my ear a few years ago on the NHS – noted as cosmetic. No problem, morning procedure. Out in half an hour.

  10. Alison,

    You’re most likely right. It is the Islamic thuggocracy that is my target, not the ladies concerned.

  11. Colm

    Its perfectly possible to challenge it (not that people do. The burqa is a fashion choice right?) without risking lives. I dont want to read about yet another girl beaten to a pulp by her uncle because she defied the whole virginity pledge thing (or similar). Its not like people give a shit about women beaten black and blue wearing a burqa to mask it. If we cant ban that why would ban this?

  12. Colm.
    In 1970 Richard Nixon, gave a speech on Vietnam entitled "Fighting for Peace".
    A heckler shouted out "that’s the same as f*cking for virginity!".

  13. Alison

    I spoke too soon and without thinking. I can perfectly understand the fears that would make a muslim woman seek this operation and I don’t think it is a trivial cause for NHS provision, what I really meant is that in a wider sense more effort should be put into creating a climate where women do not feel the need to have this operation, rather than if this was to become the norm as a quick fix solution. I don;t think it should be banned at all.

  14. That’s a good one Aileen. A bit like the equivalent of those ‘genuine’ Chanel no 5 bottles being sold out of a suitcase on a street corner.

  15. So the NHS collude to issue Guarantees of Authenticity to brides sent off to fundamentalist husbands. If these women lived in the UK and if they feared violence, they do not have to engage in these liasions regardless of what their parents want. If we dont get the message that they have choices and if these aren’t communicated in private arenas like GPs surgeries, what hope is there of stemming the demand for these vile obtrusive operations.

  16. I dont disagree with you Sara. I saw another burqa berk on the bus today. She was all eyes and glances, ‘look at me’ type. There are days when id like that banned. I get fed up with waiting for thenm to make the right choices and stop doing a massive disservice to others

  17. Alison,

    I know – . if they dont take advantage of the liberties and laws this country allows and initiate some sort of cultural backfight, they’ll continue to be oppressed. They’ve got to amplify the moderate voice which as it stands is pretty weak. We can’t burrow into their communities

    Nice tribute to Adrienne Shelley btw

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