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Al-Hawl is a modern-day Camp Bucca, where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, unknown at the time, first arrived in 2004. By 2014, he would head ISIS as the most infamous terrorist leader alive. Firsthand accounts recall that the environment of Camp Bucca as a U.S. military-run prison gave its inmates opportunities to plan, coordinate, and build bonds they would not otherwise have. Today, lone actors inspired by ISIS propaganda remain the “most serious threat” to U.S. and European security, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency. There will be a steep price to pay in the next few years if the international community does not take steps to defuse the ticking time bomb that is al-Hawl.

In April, I met with the al-Hawl camp director, Rojhat Ali, just one day after raids rooted out ISIS leadership and affiliates. Ali expressed his frustration with the lack of action taken by the international community—there are no real processes in place to protect children from violent Islamic ideological influence. Currently, his only weapon to battle ISIS is a handful of brochures aimed at reducing radicalization. As the population in al-Hawl matures, those children are growing up in an atmosphere guaranteed to enlist them as the next generation of terrorists. 

As we pass the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and we have turned Afghanistan over to Islamic Jihadists I look around and I see leaders of the West acting like something has ended.

Nothing has ended, nothing has changed. The opposite has occurred. We didn’t win, we didn’t lose, we just killed a lot of people and are now walking away.

None of the Goals of the War on Terror have been met. The world is less safe today than it was 21 years ago before 9/11 yet we are too busy right now to be bothered with any of it. The Democrats and other career Politicians in the U.S. say they care about the rest of the world and the rights and freedoms of the oppressed world wide. Right now however they are in the process of trying to change the U.S. into a Soviet/Chinese hybrid with them perpetually in charge. Directing not only how things here will be controlled, but oh yes how the rest of the world will work also… they got this.

The Sh**storm that is erupting in the U.S. has just begun. Where things will be by the end of Biden’s term is anyone’s guess, mine is it won’t be pretty.

We will not be watching or dealing with the Jihadi threat… sorry except for where and when it will help the Administration domestically no strikes or engagement will take place except to further help the Iranians reach nuclear weapons status. That is the ONLY Foreign Policy the Biden Administration will actively pursue. It is not their stated goal, it will however be it’s result.

I would say the torch has been passed to the other nations of the world to keep the peace, but even my humor isn’t that black.

Let’s just say if I was everybody I’d keep my eye on places like the camp mentioned above.

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