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This is just a blunt rant on the reality of the problem.

We have a major Problem in the USA, that problem is the Politics of Race. I am a white man therefore in the eyes of many I am immediately racist, I believe it’s by birth now. Genetically infused as it would be, while at the same time of course my sex is NOT genetically decided. The Left’s application of what they have the gall to call “Science” should have been laughed off the stage decades ago, but instead has metastasized as a cancer into the common thought. Adding to the fact that I’m white I am also licensed to carry a firearm, and have been a registered republican my whole life… In the eyes of the Left and what they are pushing onto the face of the US to be it’s dominant philosophy those factors place me as the most dangerous type of American Citizen. Just like what the Left believes as “Science” when it comes to gender or the weather, their grasp on reality is just as flawed. The fact that I follow the Law, have been married to the same woman for over 30yrs and raised two educated working kids, that means nothing. If anything in their eyes it makes ME a subversive…

We have a severe Crime problem in our inner cities that has spilt over into the suburbs long ago. The roots of that crimewave are varied and not the topic of this piece. Pieces of both problems overlap, but addressing those roots will take decades to a century, and I don’t see anyone even bothering to start trying.

No right now the Politics of Race is being applied to allow just plain Lawlessness. Race has nothing to do with it, but just like Kyle Rittenhouse was a White Supremist because he shot 3 white guys trying to kill him, reality no longer is an issue to the Left. Reality is what they say it is, period.

Over 90% of the Animals in Portland and Seattle are white, yet even applying The Rule of Law there the first thing the Police are attacked with is that they are racist. The Truth is the criminals are Animals who need to be caged no mater what color, pigment, or gender they are.

What happened in Waukesha where this animal drove his car through a parade his actions may have been race motivated in his mind, but his personal racism against white people isn’t an issue. It is not only not an issue, it is not talked about. The tech lords have removed access to it so people can’t see what he has written and posted. None of that matters.

What matters is the fact that a career criminal was walking the streets because to keep him locked up would be Racist. Just days before this animal was arrested for beating his girlfriend and hitting her with a car. He was charged and just let go. As they are doing in every major city across the US. We have elected in these Democrat enclaves District Attorneys who hold the belief that the Cops are the problem, the criminals are the victims and the people who are victimized by those criminals are nothing, unimportant. If you disagree with that view, you’re a Racist.

To incarcerate people is Racism and Discrimination. We have Democrat Politicians right now putting forth Legislation to close all Federal Prisons. Rep. Rashida Tlaib recently tried to defend her backing of the BREATHE Act, which was introduced by her and fellow “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) on Axios.

In the above interview Rep. Tlaib states that a Prisons Job is to “Rehabilitate” people.

NO IT IS NOT! The reason for Prison is to keep those that are a danger to society who act like Animals preying on their fellow man LOCKED UP away from the rest of society for OUR safety. Not to “Rehabilitate”, there are programs to help an individual who is incarcerated to seek help IF THEY CHOOSE to seek it. They can not under American Law be forced to get any “Rehabilitation” it would be a Violation of their Civil Rights.

Rep.’s Tlaib, & Pressley, don’t care that letting these animals rove the streets puts every other citizen in danger of their lives, each of the Representatives pays over $100,000 a year for Private Security. Something as a Politician they can afford, the fact that you or I could never afford that is irrelevant. We have the Racist Police that they are Defunding to protect us.

Over the Last year of Trump the Democrats unleashed the Animals in the Streets. There were over 535 Violent Riots by BLM/ANTIFA causing over 2 Billion Dollars worth of damage and the loss of over 30 lives.

The whole Country was in Lockdown because of the Virus the Chinese released on to the world, yet the Rioters were granted special exemption because they were “protesting” the death of a drug addict thief, who died while resisting arrest. The Future Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris gave thousands of dollars as did her staff, and future President Biden’s staff to a Fund setup by the Democrats to pay the Bail of any of the Rioters, to guarantee that they stayed on the streets looting and burning.

Anyone who objected to this, or spoke out against it in anyway was and is still labeled a RACIST. If you support the Police you’re racist, if you believe people shouldn’t be allowed to walk into your store and steal up to $1000 worth of goods you’re a racist. The newest one is the best one… If you object to children being taught that if they were born white they are “oppressors” and if you are any other color especially a shade of brown you are the “oppressed” if you don’t believe that, then of course YOU are a racist…

The Politics of Race…. a Pendulum that is on it’s reverse swing, but pendulums are in reality only one thing, Wrecking Balls. Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave. Kings Dream was a Color Blind Society. Where a person was judged on Who they were by their actions, that forgotten thing called character. NOT pre-judged by the color of their skin, which is exactly what CRT does. It reintroduces segregation and teaches the children to view everything from a perspective of Race. That is the Institutionalizing of Racism, the actual creation of True Systemic Racism.

If I disagree with you and you are white, it is because I disagree with what you are saying. If I disagree with you and you are black, it is because I disagree with what you are saying. If I disagree with you and you are a man, it is because I disagree with what you are saying. If I disagree with you and you are a woman, it is because I disagree with what you are saying. If I disagree with you and you are confused and don’t know if you’re a man, or a woman, it is because I disagree with what you are saying.

Any form of discrimination that you want to place on my disagreement with YOUR interpretation of facts is “Your Sh**”, your baggage, your own personal insecurity being projected onto me and others. When you scream RACIST you need to be looking in a mirror to see the real one.

In my lifetime I witnessed the Democrats defeated by MLK and segregation brought to an end. Now I am witnessing King’s Dream co-opted and corrupted by the Democrats as they scream Racism while judging everything based solely on the persons skin color and the reintroduction of Segregation into our schools. All in the name of “Equity” which is NOT equality.

I’m tired of race baiting. I grew up in Philly, I ran into just as many black racists as I did white racists. What I have never seen in over 60yrs is race stop anyone from achieving anything they were willing to work for.

No one alive in America has ever owned any slaves, no one alive in America has ever been a slave. Each adults life is exactly where it is due to the decisions that they have made. Whether you are a success or a failure is totally up to your own individual choices.

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