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A Triumph!

We might not be up to much else, but we can still put on a decent show, and what a show.

I have to agree with Cristina Odone and Toby Young in the Telegraph. We are and remain a Christian, conservative country. Without question, the marriage of our future King and Queen in the glorious Westminster Abbey has been met with a national tide of celebration. This was no hark back to the past, there was nothing “old-fashioned”  in the extraordinary joy found in the enormous crowds in london and thousands of street parties up and down the land. So magnificent is the day we just may not have changed as much as some of us have feared and some have hoped.

This is us, today, as we are, the British people having a jolly good knees up. Now I’m off down the pub.

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76 thoughts on “THE WAY WE ARE

  1. This was no hark back to the past

    Agreed, but I thought you were all in favour of harking back to the past 🙂

  2. Peter –

    I certainly am all in favour of harking back to the past, however this is not it.

    No doubt Guardian commentators will have today down as a throwback, some out of date and old fashioned nitwittery (as if being out of date or fashioned is bad) and they’d be exactly wrong.

    This is what we are beyond fashionable London salons – still a patriotic, conservative and Christian people.

  3. I agree. This is pretty amazing.

    It’s a shame the London Olympic Game planners won’t ditch their ridiculous logo and copy some of what’s on display here.

  4. Beware italics

    They’re like foreign wars. Easy to get into it, not so easy to get out of.

  5. It’s much more than that, Paul.

    It’s a link to a long tradition that the British, and their friends across the world, are quite proud of.

    It’s good.

  6. I don’t think it is, – all the following comments are still in italic.

    It’s the editor in this new blog program, it doesn’t respond as it should.

  7. Its funny to see Pete moore and the rest of the “conservatives” celebrating this bunch of welfare spomgers and their ever expanding broods of future welfare spongers

  8. Sourpuss!
    If you can’t be happy for a young couple starting out in life together Paul, there’s no hope for you.

  9. We watched the whole thing with our neighbours and their relatives and friends.
    It was brilliantly done and represented the best of British tradition and organisation.
    I don’t know how many of those actively involved were from Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland backgrounds, but I bet they were well represented.. 😉
    Forget the celebs in the congregation, I was struck by the huge numbers of young people in the crowds, and the varied ethnic groups represented. Quite a pleasant shock to see how much affection remains for the Royals, and perhaps how strong is the residual sense of Britishness is.
    Lastly it demonstrated again that our politicians can’t command the respect and affection of the people in the same way the monarchy can.

    Did anyone spot Colm?

  10. Emerald by name, – and just plain green, by nature!

    I get the feeling you mopes regret leaving us back in 1922. 🙂

  11. Errrm,
    Emerald Pimpernel,
    You mean that if we got rid
    of the
    Royal Scroungers,
    it would create space for more
    “ordinary people”
    like you,
    for instance..?

    No thanks.
    One Emerald Pimpernel
    is more than enough….. 🙂

  12. A local downtown NY Irish pub ( Diamond Jim Brady’s ) had a special breakfast opening for the event.

    Times have changed, but not everyone has received the memo.

  13. But this came from taxpayer money? Extorted via the threat of violence? Doesn’t this take away from the day a wee bit? 🙂

  14. Phantom –

    You have to spend your way out of recession, stimulate the economy, get the money flowing. As Keynes would have said: earthquakes, wars, royal weddings; they’re all good for kick starting the economy.

    But back on Planet Earth, the Crown pays in taxes far more than the cost of keeping it.

    This is one of the things republicans always seem to overlook. Putting aside that the Crown is a net tax payer, it is also incredibly cheap. Forget the POTUS and the astronomical costs there, the Heads of State of even France and Germany cost far more than does the British monarchy.

    If republicans think this bunch are “too expensive” they really shouldn’t wish for the alternative.

  15. Yes, but the POTUS for better or worse is leading the Executive Branch of a national government. The Royal Family doesn’t perform that function.

    Now in the spirit of busting chops, I’d say that the only economic justification for the British royals is that they stimulate the economy by attracting foreign and local tourists into the London area. Which they certainly do.

    But I’d like to see any kind of statement that shows that the tax they pay is not far exceeded by net support from the UK taxpayer, including what I’d believe are substantial security costs, etc.

  16. The cost – whatever

    The tourist income this week and the positive publicity throughout the world – a thousand times whatever

  17. Phantom –

    Well I think you’ll find Her Britannic Majesty leads the entire government over here, not just the executive.

    And those of 22 other nations.

    Plus she’s the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Lord of Man, the Duke of Normandy, the Duke of Lancaster and Great Chief of Fiji.

    That’s multi-tasking at a bargain price.

  18. I see public money being wasted. How come people like you cry out when its vulnerable people being looked after in the NHS yet think this waste of money is ok?

  19. It’s not an organic tradition here. I think it’s a more than 900 year tradition in Britain. The people generally are supportive. There’s nothing in the world wrong with it.

    Lots of people in France, and in other lands where they ditched their monarchies, cast an interested and jealous eye on England on days like this. Britain still has this part of its cultural patrimony, while other countries have lost theirs.

  20. The people generally are supportive.

    The tourists are. Ordinary folk cannot afford them, when they become self sufficent and have enough decency to make their own money in this world, that should be ok. This show was put on to day to ensure the survival of this tax payer funded dynasty, and its hangers on.

  21. It stems from a general position of live and let live and respect for all traditions.

    I recommend that you try it.

  22. I recommend that you try it.

    I don’t need to try it, I can appreciate lots of British culture, especially the last night at the proms, but that is not tax payer funded, like this royal lot. Also I’m not the one going around whistling foggy dew, I’m only to glad to see people from west Belfast being invited across the divide into a nearby street party for this royal thing. However my support stops short when NHS waiting lists grow and tax payers money goes to fund big fat royal weddings. Then again I don’t need to whistle foggy to have respect….for any tradition.

  23. Sorry you were traumatized for life by a song by the Chieftains / Sinead O’Connor. The Chieftains don’t generally frighten people, but there’s always a first time.

    The resident Unionists are made of a stronger stuff, and dealt with it in a superior fashion.

  24. You’ll be happy to know that ” The Foggy Dew ” song was not funded by any government. One less thing to worry about.

  25. LOL. What rubbish. What you post reflects on you and your sentiments, you posted foggy here for ultimate effect, and by your own admission did not post it on your own blog, now you’ve gone all British and live and let live. You blow with the wind, it must be great for Americans to go all Brit when they don’t pay for it out of their salaries at the end of every month.

  26. Phantom,

    The Royal Familiy are the icons of what really is no more than a ‘tourist attraction’ – the tourist attraction being the British culture and way of life. Like any othe ‘brand’, they are recognised the world over, and as such are very profitable

    The problem with that, is that so many of them like what they see and hear about it that they want to come and stay, and thereby overcrowd the facilities and the infrastructure, ultimately diluting and altering the very attributes that drew them here in the first place.

    Like any tourist destination, be it in Europe or America, once it becomes too popular the charm goes ‘out-of-the-window’.

    As as been said, – ‘tourism is the worst pollution of all!’ – but folk do like the cash flow.

    As Royalty doesn’t directly profit from tourism, the cost of security etc. is part of the communities contribution to the overall enterprise. What, and how much they might make from it is entirely up to them.

  27. Must be why you get all stiff upper lipped when its on. I don’t object to paying money to the proms via licence fee tax, it helps keep the charge down for ordinary people to access classical music, and I would support the arts, no problem. I object to big fat useless royal weddings though, that are aimed at survival of a tax payer funded dynasty, that uses tax payers money like their own, and are like a bucket with a hole in it.

  28. Since most British taxpayers are fine with it, perhaps you’ll find a new cause.

    I recommend you take up the Global Warming cause. I hear it’s a terrible problem. Step right up

  29. Royal Weddings are just great – but so are coronations. Can’t wait for William to ascend to the throne – that way you will have a new King William to mope at 😉

  30. Gosh, it’s been a glorious day but I didn’t realise it upset the drearies quite so much.


  31. Just curious – are you British? From where?

    Ahh… Phantom can post foggy and not work that one out for himself. 😉

    Can’t wait for William to ascend to the throne – that way you will have a new King William to mope at

    That is what this is all about, its a publicity stunt. If you’d looked in on sky news last night you’d have seen a brilliant debate on the future of the monarchy, republicans were out in force.

    BTW is this not bias reporting by the beeb, like you mope about? AS an aside I see Peter Robinson there today, he was writing this morning in the Irish news, appealing to all people of NI…looks like the DUP are looking for votes from nationalsist, callling Irish news readers ‘fellow country men’. All is changing except the TUV…

  32. I’m going to sue the beeb 😉 they promised rain and it didn’t come. Actually I watched it, the young woman is lovely, hope she doesn’t end up like poor diana.

  33. Exactly, – for a change they are not the centre of attention, and they, like the spoilt brats they are, just dont like it!

    Green is such an appropriate national colour for them, – dont you think?

  34. Hi Katey

    How are things in West Belfast? What a magnificent blog you have!

    I was at the west Belfast talks back this evening, which was very well attended. It had a great panel and an audience that wasn’t afraid to speak out and hold politicians to account. I admired Ian Paisley junior for coming in to such a nationalist strong hold and putting his views forward. On most questions he was forcefull and articulate. There was some cracking comedy from a member of the hole in the wall gang who read out a message sent to the festival from Red Hand Luke

  35. and? I’m glad ian came to west belfast and that people from here were invited to a party for the royals, and I’m interested in politics and?

  36. Kateyo,
    “I see public money being wasted. How come people like you cry out when its vulnerable people being looked after in the NHS yet think this waste of money is ok?”

    I think the underlying message of yourself and the other ‘lemonsuckers’ commenting on the wedding is this:-
    Royal Event = patronising b*****rds lording it over us, the little people..
    Royal Family = English oppression and suppression of us, the little people..

    I think it’s “the little people”, “the lemonsuckers”, who hate the taste of lemons, but just can’t stop suckin’ them..

  37. Royal Family = English oppression and suppression of us, the little people..

    No I don’t feel oppressed by anybody or thing. Due to the GFA there is now a mechanism in place that allows for both traditions and an accomodation here that suits the people here, and there is no oppression of unionist dominance or British dominance both traditions are shared.

    Royal Event = patronising b*****rds lording it over us, the little people..

    Can’t say any one I know including myself feels ‘little’. Do you since you think in those terms, perhaps an inferority complex?

    I think it’s “the little people”, “the lemonsuckers”, who hate the taste of lemons, but just can’t stop suckin’ them..

    I’m rather fond of lemons, except of course when i feel a sort of pity for those who spout nonsense and sound like lemons. 😉

  38. ??
    I posted a comment on this at about 15.30. I checked the thread and saw it afterwards. But now it has vanished. Maybe this one will survive, but WTF.

  39. Those things do happen.

    I’ve seen them appear, then disappear, then appear again for good.

  40. Peter – Allan advised me that your comment has now appeared in the Protocols of The Elders of Zion. And above the front door of the Federal Reserve Building in Manhattan. And on photograph of a t-shirt worn by Lee Harvey Oswald. And on President Obama’s birth certificate….

  41. Mahons

    It’s so obvious that Obama was not born in the USA – only a commie stooge would believe otherwise.

    Just ask Patty.

  42. Peter –

    The thread can only take so many comments. It seems to me that when it reaches 50 or so comments the start point moves down from the top.

    If you click on the “x old comments are not displayed …” at the bottom of the thread the whole shebang will be displayed.

  43. Pete and David

    I stand corrected. It is as you say.

    Perhaps an extension to a 50 comments cut-off would be an idea?

  44. May William and Kate enjoy lifelong happiness and love in their marriage. It was an all-round splendid day, and I’m very happy for the bride and groom. Weddings are cool.

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