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An unfortunate subset of the American electorate believes Obama will insert chips in their arms. We can thank bizzarro Ron Paul enthusiasts for this bit of insane nuttery.

Canvassing in Allentown, PA today, I met a young white woman coming out of her apartment, lighting up a cigarette. She was listed on the contact sheet as a supporter, and she said she was going to vote, and when I asked for who she said somewhat doubtfully, probably Obama, or I guess Obama, or something like that. I asked whether she had any doubts, and she said several positive things about Obama — that he came in facing a mess, and had started to turn things around (I wish I could remember the good metaphor she used), that Romney was just for the rich. She seemed neither educated nor politically unaware. Then she pointed to her forearm and said, “what about that chip?”

I had heard this once before. A Hispanic girl of about 13, translating for her mother who remained far from the door, asked us whether Obama was going to put a chip in everyone’s arm through which we could be controlled. I asked one of the district coordinators about this, and she said they had heard the tale occasionally, and thought one of the churches was spreading the rumor (she may have said a Seventh Day Adventist church, or that may be my memory embellishing).


Pundits and politicians alike weighed in on the important Hispanic vote, which Romney is losing by a landslide. Living in a minority/majority state which will eventually be in democrat play before turning a solid shade of dark blue within the next twenty years, I found their opinions refreshingly honest. I also find it darkly ironic that the GOP’s business friendly policies created this vexing conundrum. Business loves illegal cheap labor, adult children of illegal cheap labor don’t love the republican party.

Peter Beinart notes the facts.

If Romney loses, it will also be hard for Republicans to escape the fact that their inability to win Hispanics represents a mortal threat to their political future. The GOP put virtually every major Republican Hispanic office-holder on stage at this year’s convention, but it didn’t matter. And even if they put Rubio on the ticket in 2016, it still won’t matter all that much, so long as Hispanics feel the GOP’s policies are anti–Hispanic immigrant.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tells the truth and one unsourced GOP official nails it shut.

“If I hear anybody say it was because Romney wasn’t conservative enough I’m going to go nuts,” said Graham. “We’re not losing 95 percent of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics and voters under 30 because we’re not being hard-ass enough.”

Of the party’s reliance on a shrinking pool of white men, one former top George W. Bush official said: “We’re in a demographic boa constrictor and it gets tighter every single election.


As many of you know, I was Ron Paul supporter this year. Having lost that futile battle sometime around January first, I resigned myself to abstaining in the general election considering the remaining field of bizarre religious freaks, abysmal social misfits and prevaricating sociopaths that made up the conservative ticket.

Surprisingly, Obama seemed the most the sensible choice for executive office if republicans had managed hold the house and gain the senate.

Unfortunately, the tea party platter of weird evangelical nuts and severe anti-government dolts killed my practical senate plan. The democrats will easily gain senate seats this year and many of the 2010 tea party house gains will be lost due to the simple fact that most people don’t like extremist politicians of any stripe.

The GOP seems to be on a crash course towards minority party status. Americans don’t want more war, won’t abide racial, gender or sexual legal disparities and loudly reject tax policies that overwhelmingly benefit the elite one percent while creating politically expedient cushions for the bottom 47% percent.

The republican party needs a major overhaul, one that kicks christian theocrats to the curb while marginalizing the Roves, Kochs and Wall Street kingpins to dark alley ways.

A fair measure of limited government intervention, an ingrained sense of personal responsibility, civic benevolence and social flexibility created my great nation.

Romney’s campaign neither exhibits or extolls any of these key qualities. I’d rather deal with an honest man who I fundamentally disagree with rather than a lying mother fucker like Mitt.






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24 thoughts on “The Weirdness Of America

  1. Romney = “lying mother fucker” so you’d select Obama by default? because the Republicans might not take the Senate? and furthermore, the Republicans are on “a crash course towards minority party status” ??

    lol. good one, Daphne.

  2. As usual, a beautifully written post, Daphne.

    The teaparty are the creatures that I will raise a glass to tomorrow night.

    They have destroyed conservatism in the US for years to come.

    To borrow from Peggy Noonan when she wrote of Mrs Tawdry Palin- The vulgarization of American politics.

    I have been campaigning in PA for the past few days- and for weeks before that. My daugther is in Ohi and has been for many months, off and on.

    The anger AT the tea party is real. Voters know what happened in 2010- and through pure empirical evidence they can see what took place in 2010 -2012- A tea party that had brought the United States to its knees.

    Obama will win by a landslide tomorrow- thanks to the Tea Party.

    Democrats will retain the Senate- thanks to the Tea Party.

    The GOP will lose seats in the House- thanks to the Tea Party.

    Americans HATE extremists and they understand that the Tea Party are the only extremists on the ballot.

  3. On Wednesday, the long knies will come out.

    Romney, Christie will be skewered.

    Just watch, Trollites, Limbaa, Insanity, were sharpening their weapons today.

    Happy Happy, joy joy!

  4. Obama is corrupt, and Romney is a liar who does not say what he means.

    Does anyone doubt this for a minute?

    And BTW its a lot better to be a corrupt liar than it is to be a clueless lunatic, like certain failed candidates we know.

  5. I will go further – I hope that Romney has been a liar, and that, once elected, he gives the Tea Party people what they deserve, which is nothing, a swift kick in the ass.

  6. “Romney, Christie will be skewered.” my dear nonextremist Pinky (lol), surely you must mean Romney/Ryan?

    “Does anyone doubt this for a minute?” yes, I do, Phantom.. and after reading the liar libel on ATW for the past few years, I have noted that none of you Statists seem to give a hoot about Obama’s lies (youtube video and benghazi, for example).

    I am certain that you are unable to discern the difference between a “lie” and the truth.

  7. “..the Tea Party people what they deserve, which is nothing, a swift kick in the ass.”

    my, my, my – how civility is flying out the window as defeat looms large.

    ever occur to you that the Tea Party – and the Republicans – and Romney – have different opinions regarding policy that you and the other Statists? that your political opponents are decent, well-meaning people – just like you???

    Is there anything wrong with agreeing to disagree? is there anything so wrong with trying to win the argument on the basis of logic and policy rather than ad hominem and dirty tricks?

  8. “Limbaa, Insanity, were sharpening their weapons today.”

    No, Pinky, Limbaugh wasnt’ sharpening any weapons today because he thinkRomney lost. You’re just making stuff up now.

    to lie: noun. an intentionally false statement

  9. If truth be told, you all sound so unhinged that I’m becoming very confident that Romney might actually win tomorrow!

  10. Pinky, is this your idea?:

    Too clever by half, the Obama Campaign plans to declare an early victory with the hopes that this will depress Republican voter turnout:

    “New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor, based in Chicago, tells TheBlaze that the Obama campaign may be planning to preemptively announce victory in the presidential election based on early voting numbers in an attempt to “demoralize Mitt Romney supporters.”

  11. ” with rather than a lying mother fucker like Mitt.”

    Said from the heart of the dispassionate observer which we all know you to be.

    Give ten examples of the lies which Governor Romney has told; and then furnish us with the same number of lies told over the last four years by Obama; if of course you can admit that he is just as fallible as his opponent.

  12. //ever occur to you that the Tea Party – and the Republicans – and Romney – have different opinions regarding policy that you and the other Statists?//

    Patty, just a few months ago you were also calling Romney a “statist”, on the side of big-government etc.
    And of course you were right then. If he wins – which he might well – there will be no fundamental change on any of the big/small govt issues.

  13. Noel: I think I might have called him a “technocrat” – not “statist” – I was fearful that he was more Big Gov. than otherwise – His pick of Paul Ryan as VP changed my mind. I think he’ll be a fantastic President.

  14. Oh, I don’t know. You didn’t have a good word to say about him when he was running against “Newt” etc. now you “think he’ll be a fantastic President” etc.
    Shades of making virtue out of necessity.

    Do you think that MR will amend Obamacare in any fundamental sense if he’s elected?

    Lucky you, in any case, living on the west coast, when you can watch the results come in during the day. I really think they should have organised this thing at a suitable time for us over here. As it is, I shall have to stay up losing valuable sleeping time to get the results. 🙁

  15. Noel

    Relax, you can go to sleep. The result is already known. Troll, the ONLY true American has already told us a thousand times – A Romney landslide

    And when has Troll ever been wrong….. 🙂

  16. By the way, Colm, have you seen Troll recently?

    I hope he hasn’t gone out and done something rash with his guns. Maybe in his deranged state he figured a few less votes for Obama in Pennsylvania would be worth a life sentence 🙁

  17. Noel

    I think he is busy preparing for a possible need to seek refugee status in a regime less Communist than Obama’s if the president is re-elected… North Korea perhaps 😉

  18. PA’s as split as it’s ever been, Pete. The highly populated east votes consistently dem, the less populated western vote trends GOP, sometimes, depending on the candidate.

    My numerous, blue collar union Pittsburgh relatives despise Obama and Romney in nearly equal measure, although the nigger president is probably ranks a few rungs lower than that rich prick Romney.

    To the rest of you snowflakes, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for upsetting your rosy vision of the GOP. The party’s a corrupt, fractured wreck in need of major housecleaning. How any serious conservative could, in good conscience, vote for a man like Romney is indicative of how low republicans have sunk.

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