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As someone with strong conservative views, I am pleased to see the Conservative Party doing so badly.

Why? Because David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, is a metropolitan liberal who has sent out every possible signal that he occupies a leftist position on most of the major issues that confront us.

He wants to see the State grow further , he wants to increase taxes, he wants to ensure our education system continues dumbed down, he wants to keep choice out of health care provision, he approves of IRA terrorists in government, in short he is unfit to even call himself a conservative, led alone lead such a once proud Party.

Laughably, it has also been revealed that the Conservative candidate in Thursday’s Ealing Southall by-election donated £4,800 to Labour only last month. Tony Lit, a wealthy radio station boss parachuted in to fight the seat by Mr Cameron, paid for a table at a Labour fundraising dinner at which he was pictured next to a smiling Tony Blair days before his departure as prime minister.

The latest polls see Labour surging ahead, with a 7 point lead over Cameron’s neo-liberal alliance. Could dour Gordon Brown be tempted to call an Autumn election and get Labour back into power for a fourth consecutive term? I remain a resolute critic of Labour since it is destroying this country, but the Cameron Conservative’s aren’t worth a damn and therefore whilst it may be a pyrrhic victory, I nonetheless am pleased to see them going backwards. Shows how useless they really are. We need a proper party of the RIGHT, with strong values and resolute leadership, determined to win back Britain from rogues such as Brown.

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  1. If the people of this country re-elect this bag of slimeballs for another parliamentary term, they deserve everthing that’s coming to them.

  2. No David, I am not happy to see the Conservatives doing so badly. I can understand why you feel like this and I can understand why they are doing badly but I am not happy.

    Conservatives have always had a series of principles to base their politics upon and I have always considered these principles noble. I still consider them noble. Unfortunately the boy (and I mean boy) David does not appear to understand this and is prepared to abandon long held beliefs for short term illusionary advantage. He is incapable of standing up for what is right and unless he is deposed I see little future for the Conservatives. Therefore I am sad.

  3. All the labour party does is creat more PC…ect. And does not care about the white working class. Even I would vote tory now if I though they had a chance.
    But today’s tories all all bloody wimps and too scared to open their mouths in case they get called racist..etc.
    The bloody fascist left-wing now run the country.

  4. I feel sure Dave boy Cameron has something seriously wrong with the way his brain works; his memory is reminiscent of senile dementia:
    Not so long ago he said "I am happy with the way Britain is today, not as it was".
    A couple of days ago he said "I am not happy with the way marriage is, and prefer it the way it was".

    The only other explanation is that he has bent back so far now, his head has got wedged up his own fundament.
    Either that or his advisers are secretly paid by the Labour party to ridicule him.

  5. I agree there is a need for a new party on the right. I agree so much with a lot of what the BNP has to say, its unfortunate it has such root. (It conjures up images of KKK, whether deserved or not, and that is unfortunate.) A lot of what they are saying is so very relevant.

  6. The important thing – as Cameron lurches ever further to the left – is that some other conservative party moves into the vacuum left by their desertion of those ideals.

    The best placed party to do that is UKIP – but they aren’t doing it very well. In fact, in my opinion, they are making a right pig’s ear of it.

    The alternative would be a splinter group from the Tories – like SDP did with Labour – but it seems unlikely that that will ever happen.

  7. Stan

    When the SDP split from Labour all they succeeded in doing was splitting the anti-Tory vote in the 1980s. The same will happen if there is any spilt from the Tories now. Labour would probably be in power for two more elections.

    If we had PR it would be different, because UKIP would get 10% of the seats with 10% of the vote, instead of 0% of seats under first past the post. FTTP is not remotely democratic and it’s time that those on the right recognised that fact.

  8. Peter – we have had a first past the post system longer than most countries that use PR have had democracy.

    PR is a great way of producing stagnant coalition governments with all the accompanied horse-trading that goes on in them.

    I believe that Labour will win the next election – confortably – and, by then, Cameron’s Tory party will just be a clone of NuLabour anyway. So after that it will not matter who wins – a socialist party will be in power.

    Putting off the break up of the Conservative party is just delaying the inevitable. The sooner it happens, the sooner we can get a real alternative to socialism.

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