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As William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright whoever lived commented, ‘Timing is Everything’.

The Telegraph made a grievous error when it commenced publication of the ‘Expenses’ saga. Grievous because most people have less than certain memories of the cant, theft and outright criminality wrought upon most of the voters of this Nation by its elected Members of Parliament. I accept that they were maybe on a deadline, maybe they had to publish because someone else had access to the discs; maybe any number of reasons. But oh how I do wish that they had kept their powder dry until the fateful time drew nearer for this longed-for day, the time of the General Election. 

Alll the newspapers would have been extra full of the petty and grand larceny pillaged from the public purse; and those crimes would have been ever fresh in the minds and hands of the forty-odd million who hold the fate of this country in their hands on Thursday!

They would have seen acres of newsprint like this, as well as this, but best of all this:-

so as to remind the voters who had done what to whom, and had stolen how much!

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One thought on “Their Great error was a lack of timing!

  1. The "Sunlight Centre" which made this video seem to be concerned only with Labour expense fiddles. The only Tory attacked on their website is John Bercow, who is hated by many in his party.

    No mention of the duck-house guy, or the dozens of other Tory expense fiddlers.

    Strange that.

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