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What happened yesterday was an absolute Horror.

There are over 700 MILLION Guns in the hands of the American Public. 400 million Legal, 300 million illegal.
There is not a method on Earth that can remove all those guns from the peoples hands.

You can make ALL guns illegal all that will do is cause the death of millions when they try to collect them. It will provoke a civil war. That isn’t a threat it’s just a fact of reality.

Facts are Facts

Again and again we kvetch and wring our hands because we allowed our babies to be killed. Every year there are 2 or 3 of these events. Children are sitting targets. Yet we refuse to Harden the target.

An armed guard, with a single entry point with a metal detector at every school.

To enter every Federal Bldg., State Bldg., and Courthouse you have to enter through a single entrance, pass through a Metal Detector, maned by an armed guard. I guess we are saying as a society we value the lives of Politicians and Judges more than those of our children.

If we can send 40 Billion to Ukraine we can spend less than 1 Billion to Harden ALL Schools and stop them from being a target. It can also be done without starting a civil war.

Most of us have children, we all have an inkling of what these poor families must be feeling pure horror.

You have two choices:
1 try to ban guns and get nowhere as usual,
2 accept reality, and that reality is even if all guns were banned tomorrow the children will never be safe until the target is hardened.

Now indulge in your fantasies and teeth gnashing. Blame the Gun Manufacturer, Blame the NRA, for once Blame the actual Killer, but God Forbid whatever you do don’t go against the Teachers Union and actually do the simple things to prevent our children from being killed. An armed guard, a single entrance with a metal detector will traumatize them…..

I think somehow a maniac shooting their classmates and teachers might just be a little more Traumatic.

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