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The White House says that it believes Damascus has used chemical weapons “on a small scale”, immediately setting those dogs of war, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, on a chase to rattle some spears.


Safe areas for their pet rebels .. no-fly zones .. must grab those chemical weapons .. Russia .. Iran .. blah blah. Never mind that the White House has called for credible and corroborated” facts before acting on that assessment, and that the rebels are full of the types who have been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade. One intelligence assessment, one arbitrary red line, and that’s enough: more war.

The more I hear McCain, the more demented he sounds. I thought it made no difference who won the 2008 presidential election, but I’m wondering now just how catastrophic a McCain presidency would have been.

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27 thoughts on “THERE THEY GO AGAIN

  1. Galloway is a berk. That said, we may be about to see NFZ plus air strikes. If so, it would be a massive game changer. But I still think there’ll be a deal along the lines of: Assad steps down (with immunity), and Bathists plus opposition enter into power-sharing until elections are held. Because it’s a civil war and not a popular revolution it’s probably preferable that neither side secures a definitive victory. They’ll all need to share the country once hostilities end.

  2. McCain and Graham need to come out of the closet already. Those two have been inseparable for years.

    How catastrophic, Pete? On the foreign policy front, it would have been an expensive, unmitigated disaster.

    On Syria, we should stay out of it as much as possible. Not our business, never mind that none of the sides look remotely appealing.

  3. It is odd, on some things you’ll find McCain and/or Graham among the saner members of their party, on other things they seem to be utterly nuts.

    On this need to declare war every five minutes I would suggest it is the nutcase mode.

  4. Syria scares me.

    Doing nothing is immoral, becoming engaged can lead to a long, expensive involvement in a war with genocidal potential.

  5. Doing nothing is not immoral, Phantom.

    It’s not our business!

    Let the Syrians wage their civil war on their own. Without our ham-handed DOS fucking things up.

  6. If people were abused every night in the house across from you, and you were in a position to stop it, would that be your business?

  7. Phantom — I believe your mistake is you’re beginning from a false premise; namely that the government and military elite in the US care whether or not people die in Syria. They don’t. Any intervention would be in order to achieve some strategic end. I doubt any accidental good will come from it.

  8. Well yes, but we’re talking about Syria not my feisty Greek neighbors.

    The implications of choosing to get involved in this Syrian spat have massive repercussions.

  9. I think that preventing the extrrmination of the Alawites would be a desirable goal for all, including Kerry and Obama.

  10. Why would Kerry or Obama care about a possible future extermination of Alawites in Syria when they don’t care about an actually existing ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in Burma?

  11. A no-fly zone would be enough to see Assad on the plane to Moscow, within a few weeks. He will get a big welcome from his pal Putin and the Swiss banks will stay loyal.

  12. I didn’t say what about anything. I’m making a point. Do you really think they give a fuck about Alawites? Seriously?

  13. I know that America and Europe do care to prevent a genocidal war.

    Yes I do.

    For many reasons,most certainly including moral ones.

  14. No, we truly don’t care about a civil war in Syria, Phantom. We couldn’t give a rip about about dead Syrian men, woman or children.

    Most Americans couldn’t give a damn about Syria’s internal conflicts, much less point to the country on a map.

    Sad as I am to see their suffering, I don’t see why we should expend any blood, money or political capital to alleviate a problem that has no easy solution.

  15. Most Americans don’t care, but there are many who do.

    And Syria is not on the other corner of the world. I’ve known Syrians all my life.

  16. John McCain is a piece of traitorous scum and Lyndsey’s his pet yes man.

    EVERY COMBATANT on both sides that dies is one less we will have to fight in the future, let this be a long and bloody conflict with high body counts, and kept between just the varied peace loving factions of Islam if you don’t mind.

    We couldn’t ask for better.

  17. The same revolting drivel from you, Troll. At least you’ve changed your tune insofar as you’re not speaking of ‘combatants’, the last time you rehashed this line you simply said the more who die the better it is for the US. I suppose we should be grateful you haven’t called for the blowing to bits of children on this occasion.

  18. oh yeah the kids too… must not to forget to eliminate the seed corn. 🙂

    there ya go Petr feel like a man now? if you weren’t so laughable you’d be sad

  19. no Petr your just a butthead acting like a small child.

    Which is why my commenting has become next to nil. You have no ability to converse. nor do most others here.

  20. Troll,

    I find it strange that your demeanour on your own blog is very different to that which you use here, – it could be that you have no-one to bully or argue with, having so few commenters.

    The reason for that could be that most posts on your ‘home-site’ are just cut-and-pastes’, which can be read in any newspaper or media outlet – and with little or no added thoughtful input from you.

    Perhaps if you had a bit more consideration for your peers here (that’s the ATW community, FYI), you might find your views better received, after all, views and opinions are just that – personal opinions,and mean little in the wider real world outside of blogland.

    Of course I do realise that your declared intention is to annoy and rile, without fear or favour, at any opportunity, that this behaviour gives you such obvious pleasure is beyond understanding. I would suggest your talents are put to better use elsewhere.

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