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Now a 100 so called “Fact Checkers” have tried to spin this a 1000 different way’s but the fact is there were more than 200,000 votes than voters in Pa. This is no shock to those of us who live in Pa and have watched the election nonsense that goes on in this state. I have, I worked the poles in both Philly and Delco for over 30yrs. The vote count in this state changes often as if by magic, or miracle if you count the dead that still cast ballots.

Pennsylvania was also one of the States that Violated Constitutional Law for “Covid” Illegally altering voting procedures, and I’m not even going to discuss the fact that 2 Cities 300 miles apart all the Machines went down during the count at the exact same second in BOTH Philly and Pittsburg.

Well one State Senator that they were not able to shut up about the irregularities, and the Un-Constitutional behavior of the State Supreme Court was Senator Douglas V. Mastriano, PhD. The Senator has fought the issue from day one. Regretfully he has had to fight it against Pennsylvania’s RINO controlled Legislature that has not taken kindly to his efforts, and have cost him dearly.

Mastriano has been embroiled in a fight with Senate leadership for months, which has resulted in him being removed as a committee chair, losing his Harrisburg staff and being ousted from closed-door meetings among Republican senators. Mastriano was chair of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee — the panel that is investigating the two previous elections — he requested access to election information in York, Philadelphia and Tioga counties. He also wanted access to their voting machines.

Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid issued a directive to counties that their voting machines would be decertified if they complied and allowed third-party. They would also be responsible for the cost of replacing the machines.  

None of the counties complied with Mastriano’s request. 

Much to everyone’s chagrin in the Pa Republican Party, and the Democrat Party, Mastriano is running for Governor of Pa, and is leading against all others. He is fighting two very highly financed Party backed campaigns and at this point is leading. This is however Pennsylvania and the whole point of his campaign is whether or not the vote counts can be trusted….. so we shall see.

It was a pleasure meeting him today and speaking to someone who still believes in speaking out when there is something as wrong as the vote was in Pennsylvania.

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4 thoughts on “There were more Votes than Voters in Pennsylvania

  1. Pennsylvania: registered voters 8,727,731

    Votes cast in Pennsylvania 6,835,903

    so pat you only are wrong by 1,891,818 which isnt too bad for the nonsense you usually publish

  2. If I thought you were sticking around to actually discus it EP I’d tell you why you are mistaken.

    are you staying for a talk or just passing through?

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