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Banksters everywhere

The Telegraph: Andorra bows to EU pressure to introduce income tax

Beautiful Andorra has been bullied by the international bankster cartel into looting an income tax from the people for the first time. This on top of recent introductions of a corporate tax and VAT for the first time. What’s more, a bill will be introduced into parliament intended to “progressively bring its tax system in line with international standards”.

I’ve been to Andorra. It’s a stunning, beautiful place with roads and buildings and food and all those things which the propaganda says will disappear unless we’re massively looted. The Telegraph passes this off by saying it “has relied on banking secrecy, tourism and duty-free trade to become a financial and commercial succes”. So privacy, welcoming visitors and free trade are sufficient.

What comes next, when the looting is “in line with international standards” is inevitable: debts secured against the future sweat of Andorrans, to be paid back by these newly levied taxes. What today is a beautiful, civilised and wealthy place – the kind of place anywhere can be – will become another heavily indebted and crushed regulatory state. There’s no escape. Other “tax havens” (i.e. anywhere currently beyond the reach of the banksters) are marked for assimiliation. You will be denied liberty, everywhere.

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  1. There’s no escape. Other “tax havens” (i.e. anywhere currently beyond the reach of the banksters are marked for assimiliation

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ..

    Resistance is futile

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