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Going by the recent history of family members of at least one politician allied to the Sinn Fein leadership, what would be the betting on this depraved monster getting a suspended sentence? ‘Suspended’, that is, on the end of a noose, which is what he deserves.

Unfortunately for this specimen, his name does not appear to be even close to rhyming with ‘Adams’, so he doesn’t even have the facility of asking, ‘Don’t you know who my brother is?’


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22 thoughts on “There’s a tear in your eye and I’m wondering why,

  1. You used the horrific abuse and murder of a baby to score a cheap political point? That’s disgusting.

  2. Seimi,

    I second your comment. A new low from Mr Cunningham.

    The case is horrific. Yet I do see a silver lining. I’ve no doubt that this sort of brutality is not new in our society (or other societies). It’s simply that it was kept under wraps. No longer. The great strides made in forensic science and detection in recent years have gone some way to curtailing, if not eradicating, such mindless acts.

  3. It’s hard to believe this is the same person who wrote the piece about his grandchildren a few days ago. The decent thing to do now would be to completely remove the post and apologise for putting it up in the first place, however I don’t see that happening. Cunningham is no doubt congratulating himself for being so clever as to link the sexual abuse and murder of a baby girl, to a leading member of Sinn Féin, purely because the sexual abuse and murder took place in Northern Ireland.

    Perhaps Cunningham should keep this post, and show it to his own children and grandchildren. I wonder how much love and respect that would get him? Or would they just agree that he’s a sick f*ck?

  4. “Or would they just agree that he’s a sick f*ck?”

    Bit harsh, mon ami. I don’t believe he’s sick, simply misguided and set in his ways. I know a lot of old codgers like that 😉

  5. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I should withdraw the remark.

    This case has been in the news here for months. The details of that poor girl’s injuries have been in the media and public eye almost from the start, and it is sickening to see someone use it as an excuse to score a cheap political point.

    Like I said, the right thing to do now would be to delete the post and apologise.

  6. To be honest, I didn’t understand the link.

    Is the man involved with the Adams family, or even sfira?

    If not, I don’t see why either of the aforementioned should be mentioned, only that I’m sure all of us, (or at least the ones with morals) would offer thoughts to the family at what must be a terrible time for them.

  7. I can’t see how this child abuse case is connected with Sinn Féin. Child abuse occurs across the spectrum – the name Davy Tweed comes to mind. I suggest that Mike removes this post.

  8. It’s not connected in any way to Sinn Féin. Cunningham has exploited the horrific sexual abuse and murder of a baby to try and make some weak link with Northern Ireland. He even has the sick audacity to label it Abuse, IRA Sinn Féin.

    It’s disgraceful and should be removed immediately.

  9. Seimi,

    I cannot disagree with you, I do not see any direct link, but I do hope that Mike is correct in one thing; he doesn’t get a mere suspended sentence and goes to jail for a heinous crime.

  10. There is no link, direct or indirect.I totally agree, LU. He should serve a life sentence, with no option for parole. A thread could have been started on this subject that dealt with the facts of the case. Cunningham instead decided to exploit the baby’s abuse and murder for the sake of some ‘clever’ link he thought he’d make.

  11. The link between the case mentioned and the reference to links with the IRA refer to the case last year of Gerry Adams brother being extradited to NI from the Republic, and subsequently being refused bail and found guilty of a long list of child abuse offences, and being given a mere suspended sentence.


    Far be it for me to defend a man well able to defend himself but isn’t Mike’s alluded reference just a way of pointing out that the stink of corruption is everywhere, and how those with ‘connections in high places’ always seem to get a ‘free pass’, especially for crimes of this nature.

    I would hardly call that ‘making a cheap political point’, – but more of a general comment on the deep seated corruption and lack of morality in our society.

  12. Nope. It’s a cheap political point alright and just about the most ridiculous attack on Sinn Fein I have ever seen on the internet. And that takes some doing.

  13. You do realise that the Adams / Aine Tyrrell case is still sub judice and hasn’t been heard in front of the courts yet don’t you?

  14. Paul,

    Whatever! if that is the case, just why is the case taking so long to be tried. The article says he was refused bail, – are you suggesting that he is being held in jail since December 2011?

  15. No, I’m not saying that at all I’m just wondering where you got the idea the he got a suspended sentence for a serious sexual assault from?

  16. Paul, there are numerous articles on this case, mainly from the Guardian, and I certainly read about the suspension in one of them.

    Are you saying he has been in jail for a year?

  17. Again no, I’m not saying that at all. I don’t know his whereabouts but I do know that the rape case hasn’t been before the courts yet and was wondering where the notion of a suspended sentence came from.

  18. I think Mike Cunningham will be grinning at the reaction to his post. It’s what he aims for.

  19. It’s a pity he doesn’t appear to possess the balls to come here and at least attempt to explain why he wrote this, rather than letting Ernest guess at why he did it.

  20. I can’t watch the associated video. The Erne is too close to home in so many ways.

    The image of this child on news stories as this has Ben reported has been so hard to see. A bit like that of the wee dote Baby P.

    So hard to think of these children’s short life full of suffering and needless suffering. god knows there are enough children who have short lives of pain because of some disease or injury but where at least the adults they are in contact with have shown them love and caring.

    The notion that these two kids didn’t get much of a chance to know what being adored and cared for properly was like.

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