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Take a state legislature that’s dominated by neocoMs, add a healthy measure of moonbats, then swirl with a RINO governor and you can reasonably conclude how this will turn out.

State to Look Closer at Caffeine as Health Hazard

A state environmental health committee Monday voted to further study the stimulant caffeine for possible inclusion on California’s list of substances known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

By law, the governor must publish an updated Proposition 65 list of harmful chemicals each year. Inclusion on the list also requires that the chemicals be publicly posted and also appear on product labels.

The earliest the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification panel make a decision on adding caffeine to the list would be next year. The Proposition 65 designation would only apply to products with caffeine added artificially, not naturally-occurring caffeine products like coffee and tea. Five of seven committee members would have to approve the listing.

The committee has already looked at caffeine research for the last 10 years and found studies associated the chemical to reproductive problems.

The American Beverage Association defends caffeine consumption, citing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the March of Dimes as saying up to two cups of coffee daily — including for pregnant women — is a safe amount.

Ahnold’s uncle-in-law, the Fat Drunk from Taxachusetts, was unavailable for comment.

Via News10/Sacramento

In honor of the California Legislature & bureaucrats

Damnable fools.

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18 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing As The Nanny State

  1. Neocommunist.

    Listen to Al Rantel sometime, he discusses the matter frequently. Al also does a Friday night/Saturday morning simulcast with Mike Mendoza on the UK’s very own TalkSport. ‘Ron in the Colonies’ participates sometimes via email. lol

    To return a compliment he’s extended to me on-air a few times, Mike’s a good bloke. If you’ve never heard his show, give it a try.

  2. RINO = any Republican who does not subscribe 100% to the neo-con world-view.

    Tenets of neo-conism include the following:

    1. AGW is a hoax, and the more fossil fuels we burn the better. Anyone who says we need to switch to so-called clean energy asap is a commie.

    2. Nuclear war is good – bring it on. Let’s start by nuking the entire middle-east except Israel, then follow that with a "limited" nuclear war against China and Russia.

    3. Er, that’s it folks. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Troll

    France has a right-wing pro-US government. You might as well say let’s bomb er, Germany or even dear old Blighty (aka Airstrip One).

    ***k it! Let’s bomb em all – at least Uncle Sam will be safe then…

  4. TROLL, I took it as the Stooges underscoring the idiocy of those on the professional dole. The Stooges were certainly much smarter than any bureaucrat or politician — then or now.

    It seems that Peter believes that anyone not agreeing with him is, of course, a Nazi. Typical thought process of a Bolshevik. And of someone who actually does not know a neocon or anyone else, other than his fellow travellers.

  5. Yes the Brothers Howard and Fine were true genuis and Colm I would say your statement on my beliefs is correct

  6. In the interests of balance it should be pointed out that there are many on the Right who think that anyone who disagrees with them is a Commie.

  7. Lets change the subject THIS is the anniversary of a great triumph of a military campaign. We could use a commander like him today…

  8. Troll

    You surprise me. Most of rightworld would worship Robert E Lee as a defender of the south against the Yankees.

  9. I would land him Yeman have him march north to the border of Turkey and then southeast to the borders of Nepal here is the map scorched earth the whole way

  10. oh and Peter I am a yankee I take great pride in the fact that the North as a protest of Lee’s betrayal to the Union buried the war dead in the front yard of his farm. You might of heard of it it’s a place called Arlington.

  11. Radical Ron,

    "Damnable fools."

    Why do you think you’re smarter than the "fools"? Do you know something they don’t? Do share.

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