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Remember the old Pathfinder plan, supported and authored by the adulterous, lying rat-bag John Prescott, the former ‘Deputy Prime Minister’; where perfectly good, but old, homes would be knocked down and ‘renewed’ in places like Liverpool and Rochdale? The plan where Englishmen were forced out of the homes which they had been born  in, at the fad and whim of a lying fraud whose one real claim to fame was the fact that he had ‘WorkedforCunard’? That plan!

Well, it seems as though the Pathfinder Plan was noticed by other interested parties, and since then has been extensively modified and put into practice overseas, but with the small addition of mortars, helicopter gunships, artillery barrages and high explosive demolition. Check out the ‘slider’ photos. Gives a whole new slant on the idea of ‘a wider perspective’!

Who says that Prescott was just a fat waste of oxygen?


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