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I’m so glad that the US film industry is based on the West Coast. It means that I never see the annual gathering of drug-addled commies, perverts, nonces and weirdos called the Oscars. The estimable Mark Dice has gone through the pain to bring us the “highlights”. It’s even worse than I assumed –

The TV audience this year was the lowest ever. A mere 26.5 million Clinton voters tuned in. Even film fans have had enough of Hollyweird’s finger-wagging, virtue-signalling crap.

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  1. The dire presenter stated that Superman has always been white because he’s white in comics: “Superman is also not real” which is why a black man should be the next Superman………and a white man can be the next Black Panther, yeah?

    But the degeneracy of Hollyweird is everywhere in media. Here is a storyline from the British sitcom, Coronation Street – so it’s 7.30 pm, put the kettle on, pass the digestives, get cosy on the sofa with the kids and hubby, and enjoy watching a drugged man being anally raped.


    jasper007, glasgow, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

    maybe keep this ‘awareness’ to a documentary after the watershed – not Corrie which is watched by families.

    I doubt that these ‘edgy’ scriptwriters give a fist about what families think.

    Beverley Macca, Manchester, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

    Just so wrong and sick in the head. Think I’ll stick to Corrie over on ITV3 and watch all the shenanigans going on in Alf’s shop or down at Jack and Vera’s…….much, much more entertaining without having to go over the top with pathetic, unrealistic story lines.

    Beverley doesn’t get it – it’s “sick in the head” because it’s meant to be.

  2. What bad films apart from ‘independance day (the all conqeuring American hero’s) has Will Smith played a part in?.

    Independence day II was even more cheesy than the first one.

  3. I am Legend, Suicide Squad, and the latest movie “Bright” were all pretty good.

  4. “Enemy of the state” was pretty watchable.

    “Ali” was another incredible performance by Will Smith.

  5. I am Legend – that was a remake of a Charlton Heston film, though up-dated with ethno-realism. Enemy of the State was pretty good so it’s difficult for blacks to claim under-represntation especially as the guy below has not only played the POTUS but also G-O-D:


  6. Bad Boys I & II.

    Again, Hmmmmmmm

    Not really, but Martin Lawrence is funny in all his movies.

  7. Harri,

    I am Legend, Suicide Squad, and the latest movie “Bright” were all pretty good.

    I wasn’t that impressed by I am Legend, it’s been done better before. I haven’t seen the others but I’ll give them a try Harri.
    Enemy of the state was okay, but not great. I haven’t seen Ali either but I’ve been told it’s good.

    Notable bad Will Smith movies I’ve seen are:
    Wild Wild West.
    Men in Black 2.
    I Robot. (As an Asimov fan, this one hurt.)
    After Earth.

  8. After Earth.?

    I enjoyed the concept of the movie, (I really am a fan of Sci-Fi movies) but, it was ruined by the all American “you are a Ranger son” hero bullshit.

  9. Harri,


    I implore you to take the time out to watch the movie “Ali”.

    On that recommendation, I will. Cheers.

  10. Will Smith “Hancock”

    Will Smith as Tony Hancock? Presumably a BBC production.

  11. Colm, on March 6th, 2018 at 11:01 PM Said:

    Since when has Corrie been a sitcom ?

    It’s a soap – and now a perversity. The problem seems to be that a deeply-troubled feminist script-writer, Kate Oates, is introducing violence and homosexuality into every single British soap that she touches:


    Since coming onto the show, Oates has been regularly criticized for flawed writing, resulting in many complaints sent to Ofcom, having centered around the reliance of violence in place of plot and the inclusion of violent imagery during the pre-watershed time frame. [56]

  12. More on Hollyweird and, I must admit that the jew is probably right…..



    Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer said Saturday a woman having sex with a Hollywood producer to advance her career is “not rape”, in a British newspaper interview on the eve of the Oscars.

    Ben Brafman is one of the top U.S. criminal defense attorneys, hired by the disgraced Hollywood mogul whose career is in tatters following accusations of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

    More than 100 women have accused Weinstein of impropriety going back 40 years, but Brafman argued there was no criminal behaviour.

    “If a woman decides that she needs to have sex with a Hollywood producer to advance her career and actually does it and finds the whole thing offensive, that’s not rape,” he told The Times.

    “You made a conscious decision that you’re willing to do something that is personally offensive in order to advance your career,” he added.

    If a slut wants to suck a jew’s dick in order to get a film role then that is a business decision – and that makes the ‘actress’ a prostitute.

    Note that those who are being #metoo’d are jews because they own Hollywood, hence the derangement of the Oscars

  13. Perhaps we need a new award. The “Allans” given to those individuals who provoke the most apoplectic reactions from our Aberdonian observer 😜

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