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Some believe that the origins of the Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake predate the Roman occupation, some link the event to an old heathen festival which celebrates the return of spring and others believe it is associated with fertility rights and the hope of a bountiful harvest.

Whatever the truth, Englishmen have been chasing a round of Double Gloucester down a steep hill in the Cotswolds for hundreds of years and a piffling ban (because “crowds are becoming too large” – yeah right) will not stop them. 

So I raise a few to my fellow stout bulldogs who today raised two fingers to petty officialdom and went at it like the lunatics they no doubt are. Truly, there is nothing so noble as to pass on our customs and traditions and, if that means breaking your neck, so be it. I’m sure you will agree, as the footage from last year shows, it looks like an awful lot of fun. Who, me? You must be joking.

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  1. Great stuff, and long may these ancient bursts of chaotic sanity continue. I also love all those traditions with straw and harvest wheat sheaves etc, but may fav. of all is the archaic art of gurning.

  2. Yeah good stuff. Good to see these traditions continue. I’ve never been to this one but a friend went a couple of years ago and said it was great fun.

  3. Good for the 300 souls who turned out for it, whether or not it was a formal event or not! Some things are just meant to be.

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