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Fans of the 1979 classic bad film "The Warriors" will recall the line that sent the Warriors Gang on the run.  They were framed for the shooting of Cyrus, the gang leader who sought to unite all the gangs, and had to make their way through the pre-Guiliani New York Subway System from the Bronx to Coney Island with all the other gangs chasing after them since the real killer shouted out about one of the Warriors that "He Shot Cyrus". 

Fast Foward to our latest Lolita controversy, the Vanity Fair photo shoot spread of 15 year old Miley Cyrus, a Disney star and alleged wholesome girl next door.  Miley is the star of a kids show and the daughter of the vividly untalented Billy Ray Cyrus, whose Mullet Music hit "Achy Breaky Heart"  brought more scorn on American culture than a convention of French Film Critics.

The photo spread is sexually suggestive, no nudity, but does have a naked yet wrapped in a blanket Miley staring in a sexual pout at the camera.  There is also a more clothed yet equally disturbing shot of Miley and her father in a pose that seems frankly more boyfriend girlfriend than father daughter (unless of course one subscribes to West Virginia Magazine).   I suppose the resulting avalanche of publicity is what the magazine, the photographer and the parents wanted.  Billy Ray is distancing himself from the Miley in a blanket shot like Claude Rains distanced himself from gambling at Rick’s in Casablanca (I am shocked, shocked). 

I suppose sexually suggestive girls is nothing new.  The Spears family in their trailer park and the Hiltons in their mansions seem quite comfortable in their daughters degradation.   And let us face it, there is an audience for this or these antics wouldn’t be topping news of such minor events as two wars.   Will we as a society get a handle on our excesses?  And how will we go about doing so?  Or is the counter-culture going to become the culture?           


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16 thoughts on “They Shot Cyrus

  1. That Hannah Montana is an idol of so many pre-teens, seems to mean nothing to the Disney mob.

    Just what were her family and agent thinking of when they agreed to such a wholesale destruction of the girl’s image?

    If publicity is all they were thinking of, then they may well rue the day they agreed to such a shoddy excercise…

    Didn’t Vanity Fair used to be a ‘quality’ magazine?

  2. >>Will we as a society get a handle on our excesses?<<

    Will it first grow up perhaps?

    It seems to me a lot of this is shock for the joy of being shocked. Is America still so prudish that it goes red white n’ blue at the sight of a girl’s bare back? After all, they have been busy shocking themselves with this kind of fake prurience for nigh on half a century now. This is all just media milking. Grow up.

  3. Growing up is the point. The girl is fifteen and not sufficiently grown up for this type of photo spread.

  4. Noel,

    These are pics of a fifteen year old, in suggestive poses.

    Are you a fan of such things – would you condone your daughter, if you had one, – being photographed in such a way? – I think not.

    The fact that it has been done in the past, does not mean that it is right to do it again.

    Precedent does not mean that we have to repeat wrong actions, especially when we know they have bad outcomes.

    I don’t know at what age such pics cease to be classed as paedophilia, but it is sure running pretty close to the line here.

    Besides all else, it is sending all the wrong messages to the pre-teens who are her biggest fans…

    p.s. ‘Grow up’ – you mean to have the same sophistictaed tastes as yourself?

  5. Well done Mahons what a terrific post, you wonderful man.

    Unfortunately most mainstream porn features barely legal teens so this is tame or as Noel would put it us merely ‘growing up’ – to like gawpin at 15 year olds??

    Course if you speak up against it you are a prude, indignant or in need of growing up. Into what?

    Slightly related topic but i note with interest that the latest piece-of-shit Grand Theft Auto game was released today with it super sexual content and violence (all the women are whores – yawn).

    I was with a colleague from work earlier – we watched in horror whilst 2 teens pushed an old man off the bus earlier today, one of them with his game in hand! Terrific advert for what we all kind of feel. The Times has covered how there have already been two violent incidents around the games launch.

    Growing up into pervs and tossers then!

  6. " in need of growing up. Into what?"

    And that, Alison, is the question. Billy Ray wants his daughter to grow up to be a skank, I guess, to make countless $$ a la Brittany Spears.

  7. It occurs to me that that another angle of the story is that the photographer is Annie Leibovitz. Isn’t she the same one who took photos of HMTQ after manipulating said monarch out of her tiara?

    If Ms. Liebovitz has the prowess to get the "top" off the Queen, then little Miley had no chance!

  8. I’m surprised they selected these photos. Her multi-million dollar career is built upon the adoration of very little girls, who’s mommys aren’t going to like this sexy image. I can’t believe they would be so stupid.

    Maybe they’re trying to transition her out of kiddie mode? Either way, it’s not a good thing to have nearly naked 15 year olds on the cover of magazines.

  9. The trouble with wholesome teen stars is that they have a short shelf life unless they can develop some ‘sexier’ adult appeal. If this girl had retained a nice clean cut Disneyfied image, in the fickle world of pre-teen fads it still wouldn’t save her from quickly becoming outdated, so the only route for some longer lasting fame is the tried and tested ‘do something controversial’ one.

  10. A question: (Well, an opinion first, then a question): Fifteen year-olds are not intellectual children; they know full well what they’re doing, nowadays more than ever before. In that context, I’d just like to ask, in what sense can this young actress be said to have been "tricked" or "manipulated" into posing for this shoot? Surely she knew fine well exactly what sort of a shoot the photographer was going for, when he said "now undress, and wrap this sheet around you".
    Manipulation my arse, it was a deliberately staged "image promotion" thing, done with both her, and her parents’ full knowledge and consent. In a few years time, her agent will no doubt be telling her "we’ve got to get you into rehab, that’s the next essential step for your credibility".

    (PS, I’m not saying it’s OK for underage women to pose in such a way, nor for magazines to print the results. I’m merely saying this isn’t all the fault of a nasty photographer "manipulating" a poor innocent teen. She knew fine well what the photoshoot was all about, and so did her parents/guardians).

  11. as a father of two young girls the pictures are a disgrace…

    Now for the really important part The Movie the Warriors was and is a wonderful cult clasic well worth a watch on a rainy afternoon

  12. Tom – it’s called wanting to be rich and famous. No doubt she and her family are using all the means available to her for a receptive audience who crave exactly what her her family and Annie is providing them. Basic supply and demand. If you are in any doubt watch the BBC3 series Glamour Models where a whole slew of 15 year olds want a piece of the action and are willing to pull everything off to get it. It’s the top job for girls nowadays dontcha know. Why? Because the editor of Loaded says that’s what boys want.

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