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We read of Hurricane Odile, bearing down on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California, no doubt bringing huge seas, super-strong winds, and all the mayhem which accompanies these, the worst that Nature can throw at the puny efforts of Man; in the space of a few hours bringing the possibility of death and destruction into places where there is usually peaceful sunshine. I write of huge storms, because there is also a programme, to be aired on Wednesday evening on BBC2 which will have, or at least should have, the same effect, that of a tearing and turbulent storm of criticism and debate; on the complacent Catholic Church in the Irish Republic in the decades when they were the Invisible Irish Government, along with the inheritors of an real Irish Government which had, for decades, abdicated its moral responsibility over some of its citizens, and handed them over to a dominant, and domineering, Catholic hierarchy. I refer to the forthcoming TV documentary named Ireland’s Lost Babies, by Martin Sixsmith.

I base my post upon the article in the Sunday Times, (paywalled, so I cannot directly link to it), but the writing, based upon the story behind the successful ‘Philomena’ film, tells us just enough to whet the appetites which, for a long time now, have said that the Paedophile scandals of the Irish Catholic Church, hushed up and ignored for years, was just the beginning of a long expose of the criminal behaviour of many within the very body and soul of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Sixsmith writes of the thousands of babies, torn from the very arms of their mothers, themselves working in virtual slavery conditions to repay their ‘debts’ to the Church and to a negligent ‘Society’: and literally sold, for a ‘donation to the work of the Church’ in America, to ‘good Catholic families’ as adopted children. Because of the Catholic Church’s policy towards the babies’ mothers, which was consistently that they were all ‘fallen women’ because they had committed the mortal sin of having sex outside of marriage, and therefore having no moral character at all, their children were simply the ‘Spawn of Satan’, and should therefore be regarded as just a commodity to be traded. As in the previous exposures of over two hundred thousand British children, literally stolen from their families because the mothers had placed them temporarily in a Care Home run by a reputable Charity, or even a Council home, and exported to Australia, Canada and Rhodesia, where many were treated as little more than the cheapest of cheap labour, and others were treated much worse, not much thought was given to the people who were supposed to be caring for these children.

I have, in the past, written of other abominations committed under the veil of this ‘most Christian Church’, and I also wonder, in having the upbringing I did, with a strong Catholic tradition evident in my own life until I saw the tawdry truth and left the whole belief system behind; whether I was just lucky enough to be living in England, where the power of the Catholic Church had waned some hundreds of years in the past, and we only had the home-grown paedophiles and other criminals to worry about!

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4 thoughts on “they were ‘fallen’, but who defines that fall?

  1. All of these revelations show that Rev. Paisley was correct when he referred to the Church of Rome as Babylon and the Pope as The Anti-Christ .
    The RC Church and the corrupt Irish governments ( especially Devalera )were/ are the most evil creatures . The Irish people were/are also to blame for not stopping the abuse , if they say that they did not know …..they are lying , they were/are cowards for not lynching these priests ,using the Common Law .

  2. thedoctor1,

    A tad severe, methinks, to blame the “Irish people”, assuming you mean everyone that is!

  3. Ignorant baboons, both of you.

    The faithful go to church because it is the House of God, and the Mass celebrates the teachings of Christ, and the Communion is his living embodiment in that sacrifice that He made for all mankind.
    A priest, whether a sinner or not, is solely a mediator, someone who is authorised to perform sacred rites and convey them to the congregation.
    The wrongful behaviour of a priest is between him and the church administrators, and should have no affect on your own personal beliefs.

    “…until I saw the tawdry truth and left the whole belief system behind”.
    Good. If your faith is that earthbound and superficial then you’re better off out of it.

  4. //Ignorant baboons, both of you…
    Good. If your faith is that earthbound and superficial then you’re better off out of it.//

    !! Well said, Bernard.

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