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Someone will say that was unbelievable stuff tonight. I believe it because I saw Barca at The Arse a couple of years ago and that was the finest 90 minutes of football I’ve ever seen. Just watching Xavi that night was dizzying. Bottom line: this lot is an astonishing team.

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16 thoughts on “THEY’LL BE OVER THE MOON

  1. From a practical point I find it horrific. Spanish nationalism will be even more intolerable now.

    I’m sitting at home now, (I didn’t want to go into the old part of town where big screens are erected in the main square), and friends on Facebook are telling me that there are sporadic fghts happening.

  2. Great tournament,Spain clearly the best team on the planet,forgot to say welcome back David,you have being missed

  3. Spain are an incredible side, three major tournament wins in a row is unbelievable.

    You just have to look at the brilliant players who would walk into any national side in the world but can’t even get in the squad for Spain.

  4. 4 – NIL is the kind of score that makes all of us glad our national team didn’t make it to the final against Spain.

  5. Very true Pete, the Spaniards would have had no answer to the silky skills of Scott Parker and Andy Carroll.

  6. OK, come to think of it, Ireland would have beaten Spain tonight too.

  7. Great match tonight. Italy had a couple of pieces of terrible luck, but even had they had 15 players on the pitch tonight, I doubt they would have bothered Spain.

    Not even Norn Iron would have beaten them tonight 🙂

  8. Good job Spain

    Won fair and square, on the entire pitch, without tricks and penalty kicks.

  9. Nie to see a national team win which really is a team of the nation. Just look at France and England for example – an African Nations game.

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