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The Biden Administration backed by the entire Democrat Party are in the process of taking away your Car’s & Truck’s and guaranteeing those that they can’t force you out of will be made to expensive to operate as the push the cost of Gas to $10 a Gallon.

This is a “Period of Transition”. Transition to what? Transition to a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle that can be powered by a Chinese Battery System. The Vehicle will still say Chevy & Ford, but they will be ELECTRIC and powered off of Technology that ONLY comes from China.

Now don’t you fret about it. They are “Saving the Planet” and to do that ALL Gas Powered Technology must be Banned, or made just to costly to operate. You can be assured they will give us a Tax Credit, or $1000 for our “Clunker” towards the Electric “EV” Vehicle that we will be forced to buy.

This is after all what every American wants… the End of the Gas Engine.

Welcome to the “Time of Transition”

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