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19 thoughts on “Thin Blue Line goes Trump

  1. Never heard of these guys . They look like the hilly version of something much more official .
    You never have a police force endorsing a politician unless you’re in a closed state like stasi or Gestapo. I’m guessing this endorsement is not worth the paper it’s written on .
    Looks like a bikers chapter endorsement you would not get this in the cities or anywhere like UK
    Smacks of politicisation of the police. And more reasons for total and comprehensive police reform

  2. Must be nice to have your own private militia though . Can anyone check that NAPO are not on any white supremacist terrorist watch list. ?
    I don’t have security clearance 🤔
    Colm are you clear to login to Langley ? 🤣

  3. Conservative lobbying organisation endorses Republican. It is hardly profound. Will there be similar shock when Biden gets endorsed by NARAL and the AFL-CIO?

  4. They actually supported Obama/Biden twice during the Obama presidency. So Kurt and Seamus, you might want to rethink your positions.

  5. Colm, I don’t know about that. Unions often back Dem candidates. But in this instance, the letter speaks for itself. The Blue is backing Trump, because he backs them.

  6. hi charles
    you misunderstand me my friend, we don’t want to see any endorsements from a public body
    of a sitting POTUS or a candidate. Its wrong on every level

    on closer inspection most of the signatories are benevolent fund retirees
    so that’s an old boys network of grandpas , god bless them

    But its a no-no as regards endorsements – law needs to be changed on this
    No public body can be seen in anyway supporting any party or candidate

    surely a man with a 140 IQ can see that ? 😉

  7. Benevolent societies are private organizations that represent public workers. They can endorse who they want.

    But your point is well taken, when the police are seen to be backing one party or another. No one raised a peep when they backed Obama twice. It only seems to be an issue when they support Trump. You might ask yourself why that is.

  8. Do you mean they didn’t endorse the party of black lives matter and defund the police?

  9. “They actually supported Obama/Biden twice during the Obama presidency”

    They endorsed John McCain in 2008 and didn’t endorse anyone in 2012.

  10. perhaps the texan bikers chapter of farmers and farmacuticals would be ok to endorse him as not a public body .
    we praise the corona king lord donald trump, and support his re-election and stalwart efforts in fighting the TrumpFlu
    signed president of assoc. Texan bar grand chewer King Charles of Tombstone 😉

    That would not be a problem

  11. Apologies I was basing that off a news story I’d read. I checked their website and the majority of their members endorsed McCain in 2008 but their Executive Board backed Obama.

  12. thanks mahons that’s now clear, your colleague missed the point
    phantom that was swing and a miss from you ( again ) ..lol

  13. The news story I was reading was actually speaking about the Fraternal Order of Police, not NAPO.

  14. Kurt, in your first two comments, you used words like Stasi, Gestapo, and white supremacist to describe this organization. Any thoughts of “revising” those statements, mate?

  15. no probs charles, I was working on the assumption NAPO was a oublic body
    It isn’t in the sense I’m referring to, so sure, withdrawn mate , no probs

    I encourage you to stick with your POTUS Trump and vote for him in 2020
    He’s clearly the guy of LAW and ORDER, he keeps tweeting that
    and Biden is clearly going to defund the police
    prolly get rid them altogether and replace with BLM . Right ?

    an easy choice for you in Nov .. must be a relief that eh?

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