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Ever thought about protesting?

Ever got so hacked off with the inertia of officialdom so that you want to protest, by taking direct action?

Ever believed that you still lived in a country where the right of protest was ingrained into the very fabric of society?

Well, my friends, are you happy with how you live now?

In America, even with it’s Constitution where a proud nation of individualists built their Union and Nation because of their belief of the freedoms which so many had fought and died for, there is significant doubt. Both in the Independence struggle from the Colonial hand of England, and in the Civil War, fought on the right to secede from that Union, the very idea of Protest was foremost in the American psyche.

In this United Kingdom, the so-called cradle of modern Democracy, we used to have free assembly guaranteed, and Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park where anyone could stand on his soap-box and spout about anything. I say ‘used to’ because you just try and speak on, say, an anti-homosexual theme, or for that matter an anti-muslim stance, or associate muslims with anything worse than picking fruit, and you will land in the slammer faster than the speed of light!

In America, for daring to comment on, or protest against, an overwheening and arrogant President and Executive’s plans for socialised healthcare, you will be labelled as ‘a right-wing nut-job’ or bullied and threatened by a ‘Rent-a-Mob’, complete with professional posters and transport, paid for courtesy of the ruling Party.

Do you sympathise with the anger, frustration and annoyance of Daniel Duckfield, who was arrested and cautioned for threatening to take the law into his own hands, because he had been ignored by that same law, or do you consider him just another ‘fruit-and-nut’ case?

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2 thoughts on “think it possible you may be mistaken?

  1. I bet they sleep at night in silk sheets, and a clean mind
    While killers roam the streets, and (the) numbers dressed in blue (do nothing)
    Whatever happened to the great Empire? –
    These bastards have turned it into manure.
    Time for the young to stick together, now.

    (Apologies to Paul Weller)

  2. "A spokesperson added: "It is unfortunate Mr Duckfield decided to take matters into his own hands on this occasion." "

    Mr Duckfield did no such thing. He threatened to, but according to the story, didn’t actually do anything.

    Mr Peel is rolling in his grave.

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