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Say what you want about commerce, but if you want to see how effective GLOBALISATION can be, consider some of the background of Woolwich Jihad suspect Michael  Adebolajo.

Born to Nigerian parents, living in the UK (naturally), young Michael was a busy boy. He was arrested with five others in November 2010 in Kenya. All were said to have been heading for neighbouring Somalia, where they had been recruited by Al-Shabaab, the Islamist insurgent organisation.Nigeria. UK. Kenya. Somalia.

All part of the globalisation of terror. It’s “think terror, act global”

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2 thoughts on “THINK TERROR, ACT GLOBAL.

  1. As he looks to be a fit healthy young man of employment age, the thought crossed my mind as to what profession he may have chosen to follow. I believe he did attend a university for a short while, but never finished his course.

    Did his parents guide him in his choice? – although I haven’t seen any mention of his Father so far, surely they must have had some influence on his choices.

    Otherwise, I wonder how an individual with litle or no income could possibly afford to do all the travelling he seems to have done.

    To know some of the answers may help in preventing future incidents.

  2. He should never have been in the country.

    If you never had immigration from bad countries, you’d never have had the problem.

    Meanwhile, you’re in a hole. Stop digging- no more immigration from bad countries.

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