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The United States is being Dismantled. Everything that it stood for, and was designed to support has been condemned and is being rewritten to meet it’s new standard. That standard is Poverty and Perversion that is what has been chosen for us as the replacement of Liberty and Wealth.

And it has been chosen for us, this is not a voluntary trip to the poor house and subjugation. It is the design of the Political/Communist Elite. That second word Communist always causes eyes to roll. The reason for that is you have been programmed to react that way through the communist indoctrination that has been taught in American Schools since 1970. It was never called Communism, it has been called Progressivism and a dozen other catch phrases today it’s Equity, anything but what it really is. Communism itself is not even communism.

We were told Communism was a Societal system based on the writings of Marx, it’s not and never was. Communism has been and always will be Government Control of your life for the Benefit of the Few at the cost of the many. It is the system of Royalty just with better packaging and propaganda. An equal share for everyone EQUITY comrade, those in power will make sure that everyone is equal…. yeah equal in suffering. While the chosen few live will fat privileged lives. Not constrained by Law or Morality.

We know who those chosen few are, the Political Class is todays modern Royalty. We have a group of people and it doesn’t matter of what party who have done NOTHING in their lives except try to Rule others. Individuals and Families whose only Jobs have been in the Political Arena.

This was never supposed to be the case in the United States, it was the exact system our fore fathers escaped from to form a Nation where such nonsense did not exist. This however is what our system has degraded into. The Roosevelts, The Kennedy’s, The Bush’s, and a half dozen or so other Families mixed with other individuals who have spent 20, 30, 40, or more years in one Office or another enriching themselves and their families at the citizens expense.

Our elected officials started with nothing more than a stipend to cover their expenses while in office. A Senator made $1,500 per annum, now a Senator’s and member’s of the House of Representatives, makes $174,000 per annum, plus Benefits. That put’s the base pay of a Senator/Representative at 5x the American workers  median annual wage of $34,248.45. They have even raised the pay of their staffers The speaker said staff aides would earn at least $45,000 annually and boosted the pay cap to $203,700. She also set a vote on a bill to protect those who unionize. All paid by the Taxes of those who make only $34,248.45.

Those are just the Base Pay’s. 99% of all those we Elect to Office unless already independently wealthy which a few are, but they are the exception enter office in Debt just from the cost of trying to get elected, but NOT ONE of them leaves office without being a Millionaire. How does that happen ? Even with their salary 5x more than the people paying it, it is not LEGALLY possible.

The Rule of Law must be reestablished and that will NEVER happen until we have Term Limits, Cumulative Term Limits of 12 years. No one can hold Office or a Combination of offices for more than 12 years, and EVERY elected member of Congress and their Families need to be Audited by an Outside Forensic Auditor EVERY YEAR they are in office. Either you’re there to Serve or there to get Rich. Right now everyone of them is there to get Rich and they’ve made themselves Above The Law.

Our Society is Collapsing, and it is collapsing because our Politicians have become Royalty that is above the Law.

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