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Yesterday morning, my neighbour’s trailer was stolen from the place it was parked at the side of his house. To elaborate on the term ‘stolen’, I would first state that the trailer chassis was firmly chained to a steel post, the post itself being firmly concreted into a slab some six inches thick. I saw the preparations this young man made to prevent theft, and I was hopeful that they would be sufficient. Unfortunately, we were both wrong, as the scum who came along tied the trailer tow-bar to a strong connection on the vehicle which the thieves used, and simply drove away at high speed, cracking the concrete and towing the trailer plus concrete slab plus steel post away.

But the worst was the attitude of the local Police, who blithely stated, on being contacted by the aggrieved ex-owner of the trailer, that they couldn’t possibly attend to take details of the theft within SEVENTY-TWO HOURS, and then they would only be able to offer a docket number so an insurance claim could be made!

Instant response to an alleged ‘Racist’ remark, a two-week investigation into whether a shopkeeper should be charged after killing a career criminal who assaulted him with a knife,  massive investment in speed cameras which ‘make money’ , but they ‘Haven’t got the manpower’ to send an investigating officer for ‘just a property crime!’



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4 thoughts on “this is for your insurance claim!

  1. Mike,

    Same thing happened a neighbour of mine. His touring caravan was stolen – police not bothered – an adminstrative inconvenience. It’s my view that the Police have forgotten why they are the Police and what they exist to do.

  2. I was mugged in Dublin last year, in Henry St. I had full shopping bags in both hands and my bag over my shoulder and someone came along behind me with a stanley knife/knife some sort of cutting implement and cut the bag strap and away before I knew what had even happened. In the middle of a busy shopping street full of shoppers. I did report it to the guards and they wrote it down with a yeah yeah yeah attitude. Never heard anymore about it. I suppose I’m lucky they didn’t clobber me into the bargain.

  3. When police don’t care about this type of property crime, they concede the battle against all crime.

    Grand theft auto is actually the easiest type of crime to solve, Its out in the open air, the professional thieves are a relative few (joyriders are another thing ), and its easy with a sustained effort to put the boot on the neck of the "chop shops" or stolen car networks that buy the vehicles.

    As with the discussion of the hospital the other day, this fish stinks from the head. Mike, don’t blame the cops so much–blame your mayor, and blame your chief of police. It is they who set the tone that the police officers follow. Scream bloody murder to your local media and elected representatives–nobody here are going to be able to help you.

  4. Mike.

    If your neighbour was sensible, the loss would be fully covered by extended car insurance.

    If on the other hand it was used as a ‘grannie flat’, as is increasingly the case nowadays, the old dear would have had the ride of her life and the keystone cops would have been in hot persuit in seconds.

    It’s a good way to get a stolen caravan back, and worth thinking about in future.


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