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Low-skilled Britons are out of work because they lack motivation and ’employability’, not because of competition with foreign workers, the Government said today. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) insisted that the arrival of a million eastern Europeans in the last four years has not damaged wages or led to an increase in unemployment among natives. but some Brits were on the dole because of ‘issues around basic employability skills, incentives and motivation’, its report said. Mmm..what might these "issues" be – exactly? Is it at ALL possible that the feather-bedded WELFARE system put in place by Labour over the past decade allows many of these indigenous non-workers the option to indulge their need to do nothing?

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  1. David

    I wonder of the authors of the report will come to the logical conclusion to ‘incentivise’ the long term unemplyed. A letter saying ‘Your benefit stops completely next month’

  2. How about getting shot of the immigrants, which raises wages to levels which can support British workers and families, which then ‘incentivises’ British workers to renounce benefits and do work instead!

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