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About time too!

A judge who described a drug-addicted serial thief as “courageous” is to be investigated by the judicial watchdog. Judge Peter Bowers reportedly made the remark while sentencing 26-year-old Richard Rochford for burglary. The Teesside Crown Court judge also said he thought prison did criminals “little good”.

Maybe he should spend time in jail to establish his proposition? The liberal tide that has engulfed the Judiciary in recent decades has created specimens like Bowers.

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  1. You beat me to it Pete.

    Perhaps as they ransack his house, terrify his family and load his most precious posessions into their car he could offer them a drink and toast their ‘courage’

  2. Judge. (noun and verb) An arrogant person devoid of common sense and prone to occasional outbursts of stupidity.
    Spelt P-R-A-T.

  3. Judges, politicians and the rest of the Establishment do and say such things (see releases of or failure to imprison/deport foreign criminals) because they are unaffected by any consequences. They really do live apart and I know this because right now I am on business and residing in one of the luxury residences used by circuit judges.

  4. There is a certain type of judge who intentionally seeks to undermine the law, just so. We’ve had them here.

    Plus in the UK and Ireland, you don’t even think of burglary as the very serious crime that it is thought of in most places, another problem. It would be high up on my list of very serious crimes.

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