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I see that US police have arrested a US citizen of Pakistani origins in connection with the failed car bomb plot in New York’s Times Square, amid increasing concerns that the failed attack was connected to international terrorism.

The man, identified as Faisal Shahzad, a naturalised American who had immigrated from Pakistan, was arrested at John F. Kennedy airport as he was trying to board a flight to Dubai, according U.S Attorney General Eric Holder.

I guess we can now definitively rule out the Tea Party as being the organisation behind this failed attempt at mass murder…but we can only guess who was responsible. Right? I am sure those links to international terrorism will be explored…

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10 thoughts on “TIMES SQUARE CAR BOMB UPDATE…cont.

  1. Faisal Shahzad

    That is a surprise. I was expecting someone called Mohammed.

  2. "I am sure those links to international terrorism will be explored…"

    Whisper is softly, the ‘Far Right’ had a hand in it. An attempt to distract attention from the slick in the gulf and thus carry on ‘drill, drill, drilling baby’.

  3. Let’s face it – the surprise would have been if the (suspected) perps had not been muslim.

    Does anybody disagree with that and, if so, why?

  4. "US police have arrested a US citizen of …" What origin did you say? Well I never! I was sure it was a white male! Fancy! Are you sure? Good lord! Shurely shome mishtake?

  5. Trial and execute please. Fire up Old Sparky and let Faisal take the hot squat up in SIng Sing.

    *P.S. Henry – line of the month.

  6. Ya got that back-asswards mahon.

    It’s: Execute and THEN Trial. That cuts the cost of the legal aid the Muslim will demand, cause he’s destitute.


    Sing Sing doesn’t have an electric chair any more. So they’ll have to send him to Utah where they still use firing squads.

  7. CNN was hoping beyond hope that this guy would be a homegrown regular "white’ American guy (Timothy McVeigh type) who once attended a Tea Party. It is also praying that Arizona arrests its first illegal Irish immigrant very soon (not that I agree so much with the new AZ law but I understand the frustration). Last night National Geographic channel did a program on the history of the KKK in Amerikkka and the resurrgence of it since Obama’s been president. My family watched it and now are more fearful of white men in white sheets in the South (we live up North) than the black thugs in bling that prowl around the neighborhood after dark. After that program, they did a documentary on the unibomber, Ted Kazinski. Had an extremely high IQ and went to MIT. I guess it doesn’t pay to be highly intelligent. But I get the message … I do … don’t rush to conclusions about anything. The Maryland serial shooter was a black American man (John Allen *surprise* Muhammad) when everyone was looking for white. These are strange days. But I’m not going to throw away common sense when I refrain from rushing to conclusions.

    "I am sure those links to international terrorism will be explored…"

    Yeah, yeah, of course they will. But they will tell us that he was an isolated nutcase (Nidal Malik Hasan) and not the festering of a malevalent ideology who has the West in its crosshairs and realizes that Western political correctness (don’t speak) and common sense (don’t think) won’t allow us to defend ourselves.

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