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The ‘Welcome to Poland’ sign greeting visitors to historic Hereford yesterday

A PRETTY cathedral city has become so over-run with eastern European migrants that fed-up residents have defaced its official welcome sign to rename it Poland. Visitors to Hereford are now greeted with the words “Welcome to Poland”. The unofficial name-change reflects resentment by some that an estimated 2,500 Polish workers now live and work in the area. Councillors also raised concerns yesterday that the huge influx is “tipping the balance”.

When we discuss this issue, I think it important to reminer that Polish people are hard working, industrious and prepared to buckle down and earn a living. But the crux issue is a Government policy that facilitates such large scale inflow of Polish (and other) nationalities. This is happening across the UK and one can understand the intense resentment it can bring. Hereford is just one instance of what is going on in almost every major city and large town in the UK as the multicultural experiment works its way through our society. I do NOT approve of hostility towards hard working immigrants but I sure as heck can understand the real anger that is being directed at the politicians.

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8 thoughts on “TIPPING POINT…

  1. There is indeed a big difference between disliking immigrants because they are different, and being concerned about the sheer volume entering the country, and the negative effects on society as a whole; especially where cultural values and practices run contrary to our own. (New Labour)politicians especially – but not exclusively, lied to us and vilified us as racists when we raised concerns.

    “The unofficial name-change reflects resentment by some that an estimated 2,500 Polish workers now live and work in the area.”

    I suppose it could have been worse…

    It could have been Germans.. Heilerford?
    Or an advance party of those Europeans masquerading as Jews, returning to their roots.. Herzlford??

    Allan will be pleased. 😉

  2. the local yokels are too uppity to pick the fruit so have to bring in polish. Good on the polish, they do the dregs and dont complain.

  3. Charles,
    the Polish work hard and can still earn more here than in Poland, especially as they can live together and share costs.
    But that is not the issue.
    The problem is that our system rules out our people doing occasional work as it infringes benefit conditions. Our benefit system means that a person or family can receive more and live in better conditions than they would doing low paying jobs.
    The system destroys the incentive to work.

  4. It didnt destroy my incentive to work, or my freinds, family and co-workers. Choosing to be feckless for a few dollars more is just greedy and lazy. While out of work a few year back i chose to work for free just for some self worth.

  5. Charles,
    same here. Longest (but not the only one) stretch of unemployment 2 years. But a different generation with different values. We are either aspirational or complacent. But it is a fact that if you are born into that kind of culture, it’s very hard to break free.

  6. Agreed, the famous JFK quote “ask not what your country can do for you….” Well here in Eire the it’s actually the other way around without shame or question. Everyone but the working stiff gets a handout for just about everything. Surprise surprise we have the highest birth rate in europe.

  7. It’s just lucky that all the Polish are so hideously white .. if they were black, there would not be enough righteous to go round 😉

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