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Its like ‘Deja Vu’ all over again.

When the ‘Farce of Qana’ was being dissected by bloggers and citizen journalists, when the true levels of deceit were unravelled surrounding the ‘Israeli Savagery’ before an uncaring world, no-one took much notice, especially all the newspapers whose printed shock and horror was reflected in the words of Western politicians the world over.

The Mother Superior of St James’ Monastery in Qara has remained silent for quite a while, But she now speaks, and speaks with authority. Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, who is a Melkite Catholic nun who has lived and worked in Syria for 20 years, has helped compile and reveal yet another Propaganda Coup, authored by the Jihadi Militias fighting the Assad Regime, and believed in its entirety by Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the usual suspects.

On the one side you have a ragged selection of bearded Jihadis, all of whom cry for vengeance by ‘The West’; and then you see the sober words of Mother Agnes Mariam.

Check out the videos, check out the way in which this ‘Atrocity’ really happened; and then maybe say a silent prayer for the dead and missing of some eleven villages in the mountains of Lattakiah!

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3 thoughts on “To quote that fine man ‘Yogi Berra’

  1. Mike – just agreeing with mahons above in that unless this nun is an accredited reporter for Reuters or AP OR works for CNN, CBS, BBC, Fox or other corporate outlet, nothing she says can be trusted even if she has signed a deal with God. The only truth comes through the approved media.

  2. I am uncertain if her order requires her to sign a deal with God, or the mechanics of such a contract. One need not for a particular corporate outfit to be credible, and one who works for a particular corporate outfit may not be credible.

    One of the funny elements of the conspiracy nuts is the need to not only offer crazy stuff, but to make up other arguments against their crazy stuff that was never made.

    But hey, maybe she took a vow of forensic science?

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