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Interesting day ahead for European politics! France and Greece go to the polls. In both instances, this will be the first chance that either electorate gets to pass judgement on those politicians and parties who have presided over the Euro-mess of the past few years! I forecast Hollande will defeat Sarkozy in the French election and that the two major Greek Parties on the right and left will get a drubbing. In both cases, the electorate will reject “austerity” and instead support “investment”.

As you know “investment” is a EU-phemism for spending money that the Government does not have. The primary cause of the economic crisis afflicting the EU was central Governments spending that which they could not afford – today will see a massive endorsement for more of the same! We have an electorate satiated with Government largesse and demanding that it continues at all costs.  They will get their wish, with a vengeance. It’s clear that Germany aside, there is little desire from the other EU countries to ease off on the drug of Government spending and borrowing so the obvious consequence should be that Germany leaves the EU. That’s when the deck of cards will really collapse.

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  1. The collapse of the Euro and the EU would have devasting consequences for all of us. I am surprised that you find this something to celebrate.

  2. If France and Greece go to the Polls won’t that leave Poland empty?….

    The question is after they reelect those that support spending more than they have why are we allowing those we have elected to continue to loan them money?

    The EU is a socialist, marxist construct that needs to collapse Declan, The coomunist system that the EU is based on doesn’t work, has never worked, and will never work, because it’s economic foundations aren’t built on work.

  3. The Troll, on May 6th, 2012 at 11:27 am Said:
    If France and Greece go to the Polls won’t that leave Poland empty?….

    Not really, Poland have already suffered one ‘unfortunate’ plane crash …. I don’t think they will fall for that again ‘suffer’ yet another anti- EU’ delegate wipeout.. one is enough, even for the imbeciles, one ‘unfortunate’ accident, is enough for any ‘eurosceptic’ to handle?


    I often wonder how you guys can be so impervious to continuing disappointmnet or whether it’s that you don’t believe your own bullshit in the first place.

    Tomorrow and the next day and decades you will continue to see the EU and then, as now, will have nothing to comfort you but another prediction of its imminent demise.

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