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I see that Baroness Jenny Tonge has resigned the Lib Dem whip in the House of Lords after refusing to apologise for claiming that Israel would not “last forever”.

The Liberal Democrat peer, who once said she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian, was roundly criticised for the remarks. According to reports on the Guido Fawkes blog she quit as a Liberal Democrat peer after refusing an ultimatum from Nick Clegg to apologise or resign. Speaking at an event at Middlesex University last Thursday, Baroness Tonge said Israel would one day lose the support of the United States and would then “reap what they have sown”. “Beware Israel,” she said. “Israel is not going to be there forever in its present performance. One day the United States of America will get sick of giving £70 billion a year to Israel.

Jenny Tonge, lest you have forgotten, is the same Liberal-Democrat speaking in 2004 on the topic of Palestinian suicide bombers who remarked;

“If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.”

My only hope is that her wish is fulfilled one day.

She DOES she to have a problem with Israel, though.

Tonge said in 2006: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.”

Right. So the Jews are running the world, gotcha.

On 12 February 2010, she was sacked by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg after lending credence to allegations of organ harvesting by Israeli Defence Force medical teams after the 2010 Haiti earthquake by suggesting an independent inquiry should be established.



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33 thoughts on “TONG IN MOUTH DISEASE…

  1. She has the courage of her convictions. Brave woman.

    On the hand, men in her party have generally been more prne to thong-in-mouth disease.

  2. Noel

    Yoo sound like you had a few glasses to drink in between the first and second sentences in your above comment 😉

  3. Brave woman? It’s a brave person who’d speak up for Israel on a British campus.

    Tonge’s a nasty, radical harridan, the type of lieutenant a nasty regime could always rely on to do nasty things. Always has been, always will be.

  4. This is political correctness gone mad.

    Are there any other countries we are not allowed to criticise?

  5. “It’s a brave person who’d speak up for Israel on a British campus.”

    Bullshit, that would get you a few boos. She spoke up and lost a peerage. If the subject were anything else, you’d all have had her canonized the Patron Saint of Free Speech by now.

  6. Does anyone think Israel will last for ever?
    Even a basic understanding of middle easten history would indicate that that is highly unlikely. The crusader kingdoms lasted longer than this incarnation of Israel, and disappeared without trace.

    I would also not equate “the pro-Israel lobby” with “the Jews”. Smacks of anti-semitism, which I appreciate was not the intention.

  7. Noel Cunningham –

    Baroness Tonge did not lose a peerage. For alleging that the IDF was organ harvesting after the Haitian earthquake she lost the LibDem whip.

  8. She lost her position as Lib Dem Health Spokesman in the Lords because of the IDF/Haiti claims. She lost the whip for her recent comments.

  9. Pete
    She resigned as a lib dem peer as a result of the comments today- which surely equates to losing a peerage

    Also, did she actually allege that the idf were harvesting organs, or simply call for an independent inquiry? (that was also stupid of course, but is different)

  10. Right. So the Jews are running the world, gotcha.

    Not all of the world, but a clique, members of which call themselves Jews as a shield against against proper scrutiny, certainly does do run the US and the UK through their control of Wall Street, the Fed and the City of London.

    When the economy of the US collapses and is unable to sustain its gigantic military, then the ordinary Jews who were duped by Zionists into colonising land to which they had no links at all will be in trouble.

  11. Having the courage of your convictions is fine, but her convictions are that there are Jews who control the world and send teams around the world to steal the organs of children round the world.

  12. If she’s anti-semitic like Allan then she deserves everything she gets. However, I’ve always liked the cut of her jib. I think there’s a decentness there, and in terms of the Pal/Zionists conflict she is most assuredly on the right side.

  13. You’re a fairly simple soul, aren’t you Petr? You don’t want to trouble your brain by thinking so you just resort to the ‘narrative’ whenever something challenging is placed before your eyes. Btw, most Jews aren’t semites – they’re European. Have a look at them.

  14. “Btw, most Jews aren’t semites – they’re European.”

    I’ve no idea about their genetic make-up, but it’s interesting that one of the reasons Arabs in the ME objected to Jews arriving from Europe in such numbers before the state of Israel was founded was that they were not Semites.
    Aparently they had little problem with what they considered their Jewish fellow Semites in Palestine, but resented the Jeremiah Come Latelys.

  15. Why do you put ‘narrative’ in quotes like that?


    What level of education have you achieved?

  16. Among her crowd what anti-Israeli comment could she make that wouldn’t be greeted with applause? Some courage.

  17. Jenny Tonge is a doctor. Unlike most people commenting here she has actually visited the area and has been affected by what she saw. I have read some of her articles describing her experience and found them to be very moving. She is the genuine article and I salute her.

  18. LOL Declan you salute her?

    You are George Galloway and i claim my £5.

    She’s a horrid nasty little racist of the worst kind. I despise her kind.

  19. Declan – As a doctor is her creed “First Do SOME harm?”

    Her profession and holidays give her no right to encourage terrorist violence.

  20. Petr – quotes are “xyz” whereas querying of the content between is ‘xyz’ so the ‘narrative’ is the idea that Jews are semites and the hard-of-thinking go along with the ‘narrative’ as you just did. Strangely, you recently berated those who go along with the US/Israeli ‘narrative’ on Iran so I was a bit disappointed to read your “anti-semitic” (Note to petr – those are quote marks because I’m quoting you) default on my post. I’m sure that you will see why.

    It’s a simple fact that the majority of those who describe themselves as Jews are not semitic i.e. not of middle eastern origins. The majority of jews in israel are Europeans as is evident to anybody who sees excerpts from Israeli TV. In the US, virtually all Jews are European and here’s the scam: they have acquired the attributes of a ‘race’ (petr – note the ‘race’ because I’m querying it) so that anybody who questions them can be accused of ‘racism’ or ‘anti-semitism’.

  21. Allan,

    What level of education have you achieved?

    Petr – quotes are “xyz” whereas querying of the content between is ‘xyz’ so the ‘narrative’ is the idea that Jews are semites and the hard-of-thinking go along with the ‘narrative’ as you just did.

    You’ve probably never studied at third level because if you had you’d know that using ‘narrative’ as you did implies the concept of a narrative is problematic or disputed in some way. If I accused you of uncritically accepting the assumptions undergirding the ‘war on terror’, for example, that would mean I’m stronly implying the concept of the ‘war on terror’ is disputed or problematic.

    Here’s a link to the Harvard System of Referencing which might get you started:


  22. Petr – Allan CV is very impressive. He was the youngest Grand Wizard of the KKK in Aberdeen history.

  23. Mahons,

    But was he really? Could that be just what the Jews want you to think!

  24. Petr – I forgot that the jews control the worldwide laundry system and that may not actually have been Allan under those sheets!

    He has stated that he is an engineer. I presume not the train driving kind.

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