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As you know, 2015 will bring the UK general election. Tony Blair managed to win THREE of these in a row. He was a triangulator, he posed as a centrist and convinced many on the right that he could be trusted. (more fool them). But he doesn’t trust the current Labour leader to win..

“Tony Blair has issued his most withering assessment of Ed Miliband to date, suggesting he has turned Labour into a ‘traditional Left-wing party’ and predicting he will lose the general election. The former prime minister indicated he thought Mr Miliband had deserted the political centre ground, leaving the Tories likely to win. In a thinly veiled swipe at the Labour leader’s approach to business, Mr Blair said winning elections was about ‘not alienating large parts’ of the business community.”

Blair is simply stating the obvious. But Miliband is a creature of the LEFT, put in place by the trade unions, and he lacks the charisma and skill that Blair possessed. Miliband looks like a loser, he talks like a loser and I pray he will be a loser next May.


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7 thoughts on “TOO LEFT TO WIN RIGHT?

  1. Unfortunately, the way things are going, it looks as we will have a Miliband government with the support of the Scot Nats on the basis that they are given some extra powers in Scotland to continue to give their support to Labour.
    Unless Cameron does the unthinkable, comes up with clear and believable EU and immigration policies, and comes to some arrangement with UKIP before the election, the Tories are doomed.

  2. //his most withering assessment of Ed Miliband to date, suggesting he has turned Labour into a ‘traditional Left-wing party’//

    I was right – Tony Blair has reached his dotage. Miliband is about as “traditional Left-wing” as Cameron is.

  3. Noel’s correct there. Miliband has inched the party slightly to the left, and if it wins the election it will inch further, but it’s not about to call for the wholesale collectivisation of British industry a la Clement Atlee.

    In the end the differences between Tory and Labour are so marginal as to be hardly significant.

  4. Well I don’t want RedEd to lose next may ! Yes, you heard me, I-DO-NOT- WANT-HIM-TO-LOSE !!!

    Why ?

    Because he will be the worst Prime Minister EVER !!

    The nation will be trashed and the sooner we face our demons the better. And I am not drunk, or on drugs, I am being perfectly serious.

    I have had enough of the Conservatives and their two-faced, double-dealing treachery. They supported, Blair in his little wars. If the stood against him, they may have beaten him. They make out they care for this country and are Eurosceptic and all that. No they are not ! The sooner, Cameron goes the better. And the sooner the Nasty Party dies the better still.

    A plague on all their houses for 2015 and beyond.

  5. Mark B

    I am always baffled when I hear people state that they want the party they most despise to win power because they feel that will cause ‘destruction’ and out of the ashes will emerge the political saviour they have dreamed of to take the nation back up to the sunlit higher ground again . Politics and life doesn’t really work like that and it is never good to wish for expedited political and economic misery in a vein of false hope for the consequent future.

  6. I think Blair would prefer a Tory win to a Labour win. He knew exactly what he was saying and the publicity it would receive. It was a gift to the Tories and intended as such.

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