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Zut alors but this smacks of desperation.

France is to step up police and military patrols in areas frequented by the public following recent attacks, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said. He said up to 300 soldiers would be deployed around the country to boost security over the Christmas period.

The attacks, seemingly unrelated, in Nantes, Dijon and Tours have left more than 20 people injured. One person injured in Monday’s attack on a Christmas market in Nantes has been declared clinically dead. Nine others were injured in the incident, where a man drove a van towards a stall in the market before repeatedly stabbing himself. In Dijon on Sunday, a driver shouting “God is great” in Arabic ploughed into pedestrians, injuring 13 people. On Saturday, a man using the same phrase was shot dead by police after attacking them.

The French authorities are spinning these attacks as being the product of “lone wolfs” – and are desperate to distance them from Islam. The fact the terrorists SHOUT “Allahu Akhbar” is a kinda clue as to what motivates theses savages. I might also remind the French that it was only last month that IS urged their followers to strike whenever they get the chance! What we are witnessing is the enemy within coming out.


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5 thoughts on “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE….

  1. How strange. If these people are all ‘mentally ill’ then what good will soldiers on the streets do to deter them?

  2. will the soldiers and cops be patrolling Frances “no go” areas?

    Remember these are just “another isolated incident” nothing to see… move along…

  3. Right, so muslims are now ramming motors into people (well done, immigrationists), and the government puts soldirs on the streets, who will be completely inneffective, but that’s government.

    This is classic security theatre; all show but practically useless.

  4. I see that some local authority Nativity scenes have the normally bearded three Wise Men as clean shaven this year…

  5. http://pagesix.com/2014/12/23/documentary-confirms-michael-rockefeller-was-eaten-by-cannibals/

    The public will finally get to see “The Search for Michael Rockefeller” Feb. 1 when Netflix releases the documentary on one of the most compelling unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

    The film confirms what The Post reported in 1968: Cannibals devoured the son of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.

    The footage was taken during Machlin’s expedition to New Guinea in 1969 in search of the lost scion, inspired by an eyewitness report that Michael Rockefeller was alive and being held against his will by Stone Age savages

    That’s what’s been brought into our countries – Stone Age savages

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