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“If there’s a watershed on the TV then why isn’t there one for the internet?”

– Rhoda Grant MSP

There’s no mystery why government demolishes everything it touches: it’s because the electorate really does vote moron. From Downing Street to the Scottish Parliament, they can’t even understand the web. In which case, the reasonable assumption is that they don’t understand much of anything at all. So we really don’t want them making laws on anything then, because the stupid is deep and they only balls up everything they touch.

h/t old holborn

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  1. I hope you haven’t just discovered that universal truth, Pete.
    The whole of the 20th century was a monumental political balls-up.
    Even the last war was totally avoidable had the political classes not been so lame and effete.

    It’s a kakisocracy that gets worse with every election.

  2. It almost seems like our society is heading towards this;

    Mind you, a lot of our smart contributors to this blog don’t seem to understand how the internet and/or www works either.

  3. It’s thanks to this MSP and Gay Advocate David Camerloon, I am now obliged to have my copy of ‘Idiocracy’ re-categorised from fiction to non fiction documentary.


    Now if you don’t mind..F*** y** I’m eating. Brought to you by Carl’s jr….

  4. This interweb thingy…it’s a ‘series of tubes’ right?

    And these mongs make the law….sheesh.

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