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Good old Tories, they never let you down. On the day we ‘celebrate’ Armed Forces Day we discover that the Tories have found again their historic task, that of gutting the Armed Forces. Not content with shredding the Royal Navy of any serious capability, they’ve now moved on to the British Army.

The Government will outline next Thursday which units will be cut or merged under the Future Force 2020 proposals as the Army shrinks to 82,000 men, its lowest level since the Napoleonic Wars […]

The plans put forward by Lt Gen Nick Carter will be the biggest change to the Army since 1904.

Well done Tories, I knew you’d be back on form before long. (Memo to Tory voters: there’s still time to shoot yourselves in the head before the next general Election.)

The good news is that future Tory governments won’t be chopping off enormous bits of the Armed Forces. The bad news is there won’t be anything to chop.

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  1. Don’t count me (in 2015) as one of those Tory voters. Cameron admittedly fooled me once, against a lot of good advice. But I’m not getting fooled by him again.

  2. Noticed the recent adverts for Royal Marines recruitment, as well as for the Royal Navy. Apart from the ones who cannot read, because of the appalling education standards of out schools system, will anyone actually believe that you can spend a ‘Life without Limits’ in the British Armed Forces?

  3. I agree with all points, but Tom, what is the alternative?
    Millipede’s Labour party?
    Nick Clegg’s finished..
    Governments of any hue are now far too big. They are a growth industry in themselves, funded by taxes and over which you have no control.
    So, I shall be voting for

  4. Agit8ed,

    my vote is going to the UKIP.

    That is a very reasonable alternative.

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