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He updated ministers on his pre-Christmas trip to Afghanistan, telling them ‘there is significant progress being made in the strength and resilience of the Afghan national security forces” and that “the UK’s drawdown of combat troops is absolutely on track’.


Translated from Cameron-speak as :-

We can put the usual garbage out about the Afghans being ready; blah-blah significant-blah-b*llsh*t; and soon we can get those stupid clowns who signed up to serve their country out of that cruddy muslim sh*thole, and back to barracks. Then we can issue all the prepared redundancy notices on a Friday evening, when no-one else is watching.

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2 thoughts on “Translation not really neccessary

  1. // The streets of Britain are safer”?//

    Ah, yes, the old “So that our streets here are safer” line. I’d almost forgotten that one.
    Now I wonder who used to believe and reproduce that here before everything went tits-up?

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