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The General Secretary of the NASUWT union, Chris Keates, addresses a rally at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham: Teachers union votes for strike action

Perhaps the most cosseted part of the public sector speaks out…

A teachers union has voted to step up its campaign of industrial action which could result in strike action in schools in the autumn. Delegates at the NASUWT’s annual conference in Birmingham unanimously backed proposals to continue the union’s industrial action campaign in a dispute over pay, pensions, working conditions and job losses. They passed a resolution that said industrial action was “the best means of protecting and safeguarding the interests of teachers and state education until the next general election.”

That’s half right. It IS all about protecting the interests of teachers and to hell with the pupils and parents. With so many young unemployed teachers, how about we let NASUWT have their little strike and we simply replace disruptive teachers with those prepared to work?

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  1. So for a few days they’re going to lay off the global warming propaganda and warping young minds by telling them how to score drugs and give oral sex.

    No problem with me.

  2. David,

    The most cosseted part of the public sector? You’d never think it, to learn what some teachers had to suffer at the hands of pupils and parents.

    According to teaching union NASUWT, a “total of £964,268 was secured on behalf of 80 members during the year for claims related to assaults and stress-related illness.”

    Among the highest compensation payouts secured by the NUT was £222,215 for a teacher working in a school for pupils with learning and behavioural problems who suffered a brain injury after being cosseted hit on the head with a bus door by a pupil. Another was handed almost £175,000 after being cosseted punched in the head by a parent.

    Bet you didn’t have teachers like that when you were at school, Colm 😉

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