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….and the murdering bastard simply walked free from the court!

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7 thoughts on “Truly Disgraceful!

  1. That’s a remarkable story. It seems the courts and the governent are tripping over each other.
    The judge was full of understanding and sympathy for the accused, saying he was entitled to feel free to enter Britain and the court had to recognise that – albeit wrong – assumption.
    Peter Hain said he never should have been arrested in the first place, suggesting a blanket amnesty had been given years ago.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. I have visited the exact spot where this happened on a few occasions, there is still shrapnel embedded in the war memorial and surrounding trees, it’s quite poignant.

  3. What a fortunate cock up by the useless police.

    We’re told that the Met still wanted Downey for the bombing. Well they had 25 fucking years to go get him – but they didn’t and now they can’t.

    The judge, in a somewhat bizarre ruling, cited the fact that State officials should be held to the promises they make. Yet when Gordon Brown is sued for welching on manifesto promises, the judge then says that there can be no reasonable expectation that such promises will be fulfilled.

    It’s all politics at the end of the day, and we know what politics does to everything it touches. As usual with NI, the victims get screwed.

  4. In May 2013 he was arrested at Gatwick Airport while en route to Greece and charged with the murders and bomb attack. Mr Downey had travelled to the UK on four previous occasions since 2010

    You don’t find that just slightly strange?

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