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Mr Bolton has written a book.

In the book, this former White House insider alleges that in Trump’s meetings with Chinese President Xi, that Trump sought Chinese help in winning re-election.

It is also alleged that Xi told Trump about China’s plan to intern hundreds of thousands, up to one million, of Muslim Uighurs in concentration camps as a means of fighting terror, and that Trump said that it was a good idea and that Xi should go right ahead.

The US president thinks that he knows how the world works, but I’ve never thought that he does. Here’s your proof.

Not only a grossly immoral thing to endorse these camps, but stupid too. How would he think that such an endorsement would never become public?


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40 thoughts on “Trump, His Good Friend Xi and the Uighurs

  1. Get ready to her a million cries of “FAKE NEWS” from the “Trump is never wrong” brigade.

  2. The way Trump treats people, he creates new enemies every day of the week.

    And he doesn’t know anything about the world.

    And he has no morals.

    And refuses to learn.

    Apart from that, he is a great leader.

  3. In the book, this former White House insider alleges that in Trump’s meetings with Chinese President Xi, that Trump sought Chinese help in winning re-election.

    Nothing to see here, all presidents do this (see failed impeachment), please move along.

    It is also alleged that Xi told Trump about China’s plan to intern hundreds of thousands, up to one million, of Muslim Uighurs in concentration camps as a means of fighting terror, and that Trump said that it was a good idea and that Xi should go right ahead.

    The key word here is Muslim!! Because they are all terrorists, it’s THAT simple!! So of course they should be locked up! Very strong leadership from Xi. Law and order!!

  4. Bolton is an oddball. Everything in his book could very well be true but since he wouldn’t testify when it mattered he’s done the country a diservice. We know Trump is a vain idiot who places his personal interests above the nation’s welfare. There is no real revelation in the book.

  5. I for one, and I’m sure the only one here, am skeptical. As Mahons said yesterday, Bolton is only out for a huge payday. It doesn’t make sense that Xi would divulge such information to Trump, nor that Xi would be able to “help” Trump in an election even if he wanted to.

    It all sounds too simplistic, and it comes from a neo-con war-monger that everyone here hated until five minutes ago!

  6. The GOP controlled Senate was a self-declared kangaroo court which had already acquitted Trump weeks before the vote was taken and refused to hear Bolton’s evidence just in case it got in the way of an acquittal, although they would have voted to acquit no matter what Bolton’s evidence was.

    Bolton has already been monstered on Fox-Limbaa-Breitbart. I hope he’s ready for a serious hammering in the next few weeks. Traitor will not be the strongest word used. Watch out for the roars of the mob at Tulsa on Saturday. Don Junior will have them whipped to a frenzy before the senior Don even gets started.

  7. I actually could see Xi discussing such a thing with Trump, looking for a kind of green light

    I don’t think that even a guy like Bolton – especially considering that he has always been a warmonger and hard liner on terror – would make such a thing up

    This is the kind of thing that can have world implications. Against China and against the USA.

  8. Mahons, I was a Bolton fan when he was at the UN. But I saw the light when I realized the man never saw a war he didn’t like, as long as he didn’t have to fight it.

  9. The Tulsa rally looks like a nailed-on Covid super-spreader event. Think of 20,000 Trumpists packed together in a closed stadium and roaring and hollering for two hours. Just 100 infected Trumpists could lead to tens of thousands getting infected within two weeks. And it’s probably optimistic to think that there would be just 100, especially when at least 40% of infected people show no symptoms but are infectious to others.

    And of course most of them won’t be wearing masks because their hero has told them not to. Masks are now part of the culture wars, only Dems wear masks.

  10. Charles – somehow that same fact didn’t turn you off Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump.

  11. As far as Trump is concerned Bolton will now become “ A man I hardly knew, didn’t like very much, never trusted. They told me to appoint him. I never would have done it . He’s fake, I made the right decision getting rid of him “ 😉

  12. Mahons, That’s b/c Trump has walked the walk and kept us out of war. Bolton has said that he “didn’t want to die in a rice paddy.” Fair enough. Then don’t send others to die in one.

  13. If his claims are true, he should have moved heaven and earth to testify, under oath, and be cross examined. If I had found him credible, that the President had sold his office to a foreign power by enslaving a million human beings, I’d impeach Trump myself.

    As it is, Bolton just comes across as a guy selling books.

  14. Bolton said he would testify to the Senate if called. The Dems tried to call him but the GOP majority blocked it.

  15. The Tulsa rally on Saturday, with near 20,000 persons at a long event after a long wait to get into the indoor arena, without a masks requirement, is beyond insane.

    Hundreds of Oklahoma medical professionals are asking them to call it off.

    one notable public figure won’t be in attendance on Saturday: Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert.

    “No,” Fauci responded when the Daily Beast asked if he would be appearing at the rally.

    “I’m in a high-risk category. Personally, I would not. Of course not,” Fauci, 79, said in an interview published Tuesday night. He added that in the case of Trump’s rallies “outside is better than inside, no crowd is better than crowd” and “crowd is better than big crowd.” WP

  16. Ultimately I find it hard to believe that during the height of the impeachment hearings that Bolton wouldn’t have even attempted to leak this. This conversation, if it happened, occured a year ago. Bolton left the White House only a few months later. And yet it is in a tell all book that he is making the claim. It doesn’t exactly shout credibility.

    And to be fair to Trump he is on record condemning the Chinese over the Uyghurs. Now while it is possible (even likely) for him to be saying one thing publicly and another thing privately it again does raise a credibility issue.

    Ultimately Bolton is not a credible source, and has a personal, financial interest in generating publicity for his book. Without corroborating evidence then I don’t think his claims should be given much credence.

  17. Its worse than that though, there’s a missing piece
    at the same time Trunk was going vicious on those muslims ( not terrorists )
    just people in parts of china who happen to be Muslim
    he was signing off on a bill Protecting Chinese Uighurs.
    On Same Day John Bolton Claims He Gave Xi Approval On Detention Camps

    This was an another attempt to gain Chinese support for his re-election
    speaking out of both sides of his mouth.


  18. I think that there should be strong penalties for diplomatic or White House staff who leak confidential diplomatic information.

    Setting aside the gross immorality of what Trump supposedly said here.

    What’s the point in discussing anything sensitive with any US president if it will only be revealed by some jerk at some point?

  19. I didn’t say classified.

    I said confidential.

    It should not be legal to broadcast such talks.

  20. I think there are huge doubts about what Bolton is saying but if what he is reporting is true then not only should he be able to release the information but I would argue he has a moral duty to do so.

  21. He released the alleged information when its too late to do anything about it.

    Some moral actor.

    And there would and endless army of self styled whistle-blowers who think that anything and everything done by military or anything else is ” immoral ” or ” against the Constitution ”

    You create a dangerous situation where governments cannot have secure conversation internally or among countries.

    In the name of openness, you make necessary communication impossible.

  22. are there any buttholes of USA’s enemies that Trunk hasn’t stuck his tongue up deep
    Putin,Norks,now China .. gotta take your county back Americans and make it great again !
    meaning decent, upholding values ideals with integrity – that’s all the country wants now, and all the country needs ,to get over this car-crash of the last 3 years ..

  23. Trump’s North Korea gambit was kooky, creative, well-intentioned and maybe it did some temporary good.

  24. Bolton’s book will not have much impact. But, in a month or so a book will be published by a Trump niece, Mary Trump, Which will probably be much harder to dismiss.

    VP Pence, McConnell, Cruz, Rand Paul and other senior Republicans should attend the Tulsa rally. They think all restrictions should be lifted so they should not be afraid of catching the virus at the rally.

  25. Trump is now taking the position that John Bolton is leaking classified false information.

  26. i love this one from Bolton’s book

    Obstruction of Justice as a way of life .. its brilliant , that’s Trunk in a nut-shell
    its his moral philosophy and daily routines, monks will chant and say prayers as a way of life and Trunk has his own daily routines .. a washed in corruption, that’s swimming in the swamp
    never getting out for a wash , like pigs who luv and mud bath ..

    “Bolton describes a pattern of corruption in which Trump routinely attempts to use the leverage of US power on other countries to his personal ends. “The pattern looked like obstruction of justice as a way of life, which we couldn’t accept,” Bolton writes

  27. In the language of the pollsters, craziness is already “baked in” when it comes to opinions about the Trump administration. The dividing line is whether Americans are horrified or enthralled by it.

    Priceless !

  28. Trump’s tweet on Bolton.

    “A disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war. Never had a clue, was ostracized & happily dumped. What a dope! ”

    Beautiful. Trump really has the low-down on his former national security man. He “only wanted to go to war” – priceless.

    But Mr. Trump seems to be dogged by back luck when it comes to employees. So many of them turn out to be dopes.
    I wonder what he’ll be saying about Melania after their divorce. “Dumb. Lousy in bed. A former slut who looked like a hag without her make-up” etc.

  29. Dumb. Lousy in bed

    Were he to say that, at 74 I’d be surprised he could remember that far back in the past.

  30. Trump definitely belongs here as an angry right wing blogger, Pat see if you can get him to come over after Nov / Jan .. its about his level, kinda a mix between allan and pat, though a lot ruder in every respect . ach we’ll take him , school him in the art of fact-checking and presenting coherent argument .. nicknames ? donnyboy ,ex-POTUS, — ?

  31. Trump Radio – shockjock ? is there an opening or is the market too crowded?
    OANN Network – hourly show .. Analysis and comment by former POTUS

  32. It’s a pretty sure bet that President Trump did not ask Xi for help. Anyone who believes that is bona fide stupid.

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