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London30.jpgI’m sure those ATW readers who use the London Tube for travelling around the city are only too aware of the strike that is currently causing such inconvenience to workers and tourists alike in our capital city.

The hard left RMC Trade Union is putting the squeeze on Transport for London and seeking employment guarantees from the official receiver which are just pie in the sky. Glad to see that Gordon Brown has branded the strike "wholly unjustified". He said: "It is causing an enormous amount of trouble to the people of London and disruption to the business of this city. They should get back to work as quickly as possible." Shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers accused the RMT of holding London to ransom. "They are just trying to throw their weight around and London commuters are the people who will suffer. These strikes will cost London businesses a huge amount in lost staff time, as well as causing an enormous amount of hassle for people just trying to get to work."

Both of them are right but the truth is that Trade Unions are becoming more and more militant again and despite the necessary modernisations which Margaret Thatcher brought about, I believe that since 1997, under Labour, the Unions have slowly but surely been getting the upper hand again, and since they also bank-roll Labour, is that a surprise? We all want civilised and decent working conditions for all but holding the entire commuting and tourist population in London to ransom is just not the way to do it!

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17 thoughts on “TUBE STRIKE!

  1. Immigrant workers, low paid jobs, no right of contract
    minimum wages. Some firms won’t won’t allow you to work for them if you are in a union. This is my husbands view when I read this post to him. He is an unapolegetic militant trade unionist, and in some instances I’m not that far behind him. Only yesterday we had Reg Empy going south to see what way to handle things re immigrant workers vs local labour in an economic down turn.

    I’ve a lot of sympathy with ordinary workers who want to earn a decent wage, yet each day I depend upon workers who are not allowed to strike because they provide an essential service.

    More power to their elbow in these discussions, they aren’t asking for an awful lot. We had more disruption than that here for longer due to bomb scares and we survived.

  2. How long till we hire Polish workers to replace the bleating union members when they take things a strike too far. The time has come to fire the moaners and get in folk who want to do the job – like so many other service areas in London that are more efficient and more pleasant as a result.

  3. See..! Reg is right. We are going to end up with a huge pool of local labour that will be left behind, and won’t do anything to bring down immigration levels. Immigrant workers may not be taking the job directly, only indirectly and the immigrant worker will drag down wage levels until all we have left is a race to the bottom.

  4. Yep, that’s it, the people who earn as much as £33k a year for doing very little…

    This strike is bloody inconvenient for me at the moment. What makes it worse is that the strikers were actually given everything they asked for the day before yesterday…and they continued to strike, just because they can.

  5. ‘they aren’t asking for an awful lot’

    Wrong – they got all they wanted before the strike started. They get pensions guaranteed – see how many in the private sector would get that who earn WAY less than any of these people – what makes them so special?

  6. The three days strike was called off, it only lasted one day, and the threat of further strikes remains until the outcome of the meeting with Metronets trustees of the pension fund later today. They haven’t got all they want not yet.

    If there are many in the private sector who earn less and do not have what these people are trying to get, thats not their fault. Time to tell your union.

  7. I’m a regular user of the Central Line, in fact the whole London transport infrastructure is most impressive these days, largely down to Transport For londonon and the Nayor Ken Livingstone (whether you right wingers like that or not). So where Thatcher made any contribution is a mystery to me, perhaps you’ll elaborate DV!

    As tube staff are so clearly very important in keeping this bustling city moving then perhaps their pay and pension rights should be taken more seriously. I for one agree with their right to take industrial action even if it inconveniences me for a couple of days.

  8. Funnily enough I thought David Vance would be in favour of the British worker. What happened to buy British? Firms are contracting out to foreign lands, as is the case with many call centres for example,and the government is importing cheap labour thru immigration.

    Which do you support first David, the free market or the British worker?

  9. But isn’t ‘patriotism’ supposed to be so ‘old hat’, these days? It certainly is for the English, maybe it is for the rest of Britain as well!

    The excesses of the trade unions were directly instrumental in driving much of the heavy industry out of the UK, obvious examples being the motor industry, shipbuilding, steelmaking, and much else.

    At the end of the day it is ‘he who pays the piper who calls the tune’. Freedom to strike whenever it suits, is matched by the freedom to set up business where it can prosper.

    I never hear the cry of ‘patriotism’ when the workers go on strike, when their actions are just as damaging as that of the company that takes it’s business elsewhere.

    Self interest is not just the perogative of the politicians!

  10. Ernest,

    I believe patriotism is old hat these days because we do live in economies rather than countries.

    The excessess of the trade unions were only one factor in driving out heavy industry. There was also poor managemnts, lack of investment and outdated work practices.

    But I do agree that self interest is not just on the part of politicians, I agree it is everywhere. However, the British worker is being screwed. The freedom to take your company elsewhere and cheap immigrant labour combined is not good for Britain.

    I would still buy British (or Irish) over cheap imported goods, but no longer can I buy eggs with the lion stamped on them. Plenty of choice doesn’t always compensate for quality. As we are finding out with toys coming from China.

  11. Typhoo,

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Poor management, absolutely! – outdated work practices. – absolutely! Both sides, worker and management, share equally the blame for the decline in manufacturing, not to mention the threat of the dreaded ‘nationalisation’.

    The real kicker, the ‘knife in the back’, was the ‘open border’ policy on immigration, which is totally the fault of political mismanagement and incompetence.

    Yes! the British worker is being screwed, and royally too, by the party of the workers – the Socialists. Who just happen to be the perfect and only party for the job of managing the decline, and eventual demise of the UK economy, and coincidentally, the British as a cultural entity. The other two – or is it four? – parties being of little consequence.

    Brown talks so glibly of a unified country, but I think the divisions in our society are way beyond any semblance, or hope of that.

    The pity is that it didn’t need to be this way. The long running ‘class war’ was supposed to end up with a victor, – not two pathetic losers…

  12. Daithio

    "As tube staff are so clearly very important in keeping this bustling city moving then perhaps their pay and pension rights should be taken more seriously".

    Tell you what – i suggest that all the major companies and the City move to another town. We’ll soon see who is more important. Then perhaps youll take the private sector more seriously yeah?

  13. Oh absolutely Ernest, the labour party = total incompetence and a HUGE part to play in where this country is today.

    Open border immigration, even hate to say the words.


  14. There have also been many many plusses through immigration. Gone are the 80s when oiks used to man the shopfloors with their snarly Kevin the Teenager school attitudes – replaced by smiley happy nice can-do Europeans. Our office here is staffed with bright can-do Aussies, Kiwis and Euros. Since most educated students want to spend as much time as they can clocking up the air miles backpacking around the world a global economy affords them, the services industry has found Euros and Latinos to be to their credit also. And ours. Pleasant can-do attitudes, willing to work. Coffee with a smile. Its great! And the best bit is seeing white man van the rip-off merchant undermined by better labourers who do the work at half the cost, better and more professionally. I love them in the services sector. We never, ever, could do services.

    "I believe patriotism is old hat these days because we do live in economies rather than countries"

    I agree with that also. Here we all are worrying about the EU, day in day out, whilst China of all places, and other nations, hoover up all our best companies in the name of free trade and banks get their call centres set up in India. But apparently thats ok!

  15. Steve, yeah we can move all the inhabitants out of the city, yeah that’s a good idea, and then we’ll see what those leftie union people do with their tube system then, yeah, we’ll show ’em!

    Meanwhile back in the real world the grown ups still have real things to sort out.

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