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Here is how those peace loving “activists” deal with Israeli soldiers..

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7 thoughts on “TURKISH DELIGHT?

  1. Let me get this straight David, people are not allowed to defend themselves from an agressive illegal armed boarding?

  2. Seems to me the Hamas Terrorist supporters were looking for trouble. They found it.
    At any point they could have avoided the confrontation by co-operating with the IDF.
    They chose the path and now expect the useful idiots of the liberal western media to further their agenda.

    My 2p

  3. Dear RS,

    I, if I were in charge of the operation I wouldn’t have boarded the ship.

    I’d stood off a couple hundred yards and shelled the "activist’s/terrorist appeaser’s ship till it sunk. Then I’da sailed merrily away!

    That’s my opinion and I’m certain millions of people would agree with me. Suprisingly about 100 would be from Euroville.

  4. Arabs again achieve what they really tried to achieve by this whole story – victim status for the terrorists and international condemnation of the country they are trying to destroy. This was the very reason for this convoy in the first place.
    If Israel don’t stop those convoys, the next convoys will deliver weapons for the terrorists. If Israel stop them, the left-wing international media will condemn them. If some of the "peace activists" die in the process attacking soldiers, it is an extra advantage. Simple.

  5. There WAS an alternative that Israel could have used, and has been used in similar encounters with unwelcome shipping vessels, namely the shooting away of rudders/propellers to halt progress. (Cf. Icelandic cod war)
    Why didn’t they do that? There would have been no loss of life either.

    As usual, Israel uses a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

  6. RS
    You really dont get it, do you?

    Israel has the right to self-defence.

    Self-defence in this case means it has the right to send armed commandos onto a civilian ship in international waters.

    If those civilians use things like poles and catapults against heavily armed elite special forces unit, then the civilians are being aggressive, NOT the special forces units.

    Of course, if anyone had done this to an Israeli ship in international waters, that would be international terrorism, and the Israelis would have every right to bombard whatever part of the world the pirates came from for a few weeks.

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